1.b3 Chess Opening for White (More POWERFUL Than You Think!)

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🔹 1.b3 Part-1 –
🔹 1.b3 Part-2 –
🔹 1…b6 as Black (Owen’s Defense) –

📥 Download the PGN of this 1.b3 chess opening from this blog-post –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you an universal chess opening for White, 1.b3 – it is called as the Larsen’s Opening, or the Nimzo–Larsen Attack, or the Queen’s Fianchetto Opening.

The flank opening move 1.b3 prepares to fianchetto the queen’s bishop where it will help control the central squares in hypermodern fashion and put useful pressure on Black’s kingside. The b2-bishop is often a source of recurring irritation for Black, who should not treat it lightly.

You will learn the common ideas for White if Black plays 1…e5 or 1…d5, which are the most common replies. GM Igor Smirnov tests your knowledge at the end with the famous game where the Indian grandmaster Adhiban Baskaran beat David Navara in just 9 moves in this opening.

► Chapters

00:00 1.b3 chess opening (Larsen’s Opening)
00:46 Line-1: Black plays 1…e5
02:03 New idea: Undermine Black’s center
04:32 If Black castles queenside
05:02 If Black castles kingside
05:58 Black playing similar setup 1.e4 b6
07:07 Terrible blunder by Black
11:16 Line-2: Black plays 1…d5
13:16 White’s attacking plan
14:38 If Black is well prepared
16:03 If Black plays b6
16:55 Quiz: Adhiban won in 9 moves

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  1. Definitely interested…! Plz, carry on…!!

  2. Sorry, missed the question, was too busy watching the cat …

  3. Im glad to be here 10 years after that legendary video. I have the feeling this one will be viewed even 20 years later. Thank you so much Igor, this is a great explanation of these powefull and simple ideas.

  4. Thanks very helpful-if we play black against b3, what is our best response

  5. Thanks so much for the update and consolidated analysis! I really enjoy playing less common openings to confuse opponents, and sometimes after 1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 c5 3. e3 as black I find myself wanting to switch to b6 instead of d6. This system is very relevant.

  6. very similar to Owens defense b7 but reversed for white

  7. Love your kittycat in the background 🙂

  8. Igor sir make a video on deutz gambit. You all videos are good and helpful.

  9. Qg4 is correct move in puzzle after that checkmate is unstoppable.

  10. definately interested in 1..b6 thanks for another awesome video.

  11. winning moove is Qg4! thx for the video – will test this opening right away…:-)

  12. @Remote Chess Academy I love your cat. It is beautiful

  13. What's your cat🐈 doing on your back in this video 😂

  14. Thanks alot igor i have learned chess at 40 years 👵 old

  15. This is the best opening I have ever played in chess!🔥 It's been time since I've been using it because of the analysis that GM Igor provided a long time ago, keep it up Mr Smirnov👍😎🔥

  16. I must say, that's a nice cat you got there, GM Smirnov!

    also, I think Qg4

  17. the answer is Qg4 threatening mate on g7, there is no way to defend it. If black goes g6 then you play Nh6 checkmate. If black stops the bishop from attacking g7, then it is still mate with Qxg7. stopping the knight in this position then the bishop attacking g7 makes Qxg7 possible.

  18. It's Kasparov who said that if you make 10 threads, you opponent will blunder at some point. Love your videos, thank you❤️

  19. Канал ЧиллиПеп Факты says:

    I very rarely put likes, but you are the only chess vlogger, I’ve had to put a like on every single video, I’d watched

  20. Played this defence with black for a while now. Good to see there is a white version as well. Good to add to my repertoire. Thanks

  21. I love that kitty in the background. Nice opening b3. ty

  22. Kasparov said that about the threats I thought

  23. Thank you so much for all the amazing content …very instructive also i like the new setup now we can see you through out …finally i think it’s time you introduce the cat 😀

  24. Plzzz make moore u are just awesome i tried and he pushed the pawn when I played nf6 and I destroyed him u are just aweeeeesome💗💗💗

  25. Great lesson and beautiful cat 🙂 Thanks for the video, is really helpful! Cheers from Germany!

  26. Does your cat play chess? Its probably better than me lol.

  27. Puzzle at 18:10 White has the killer move Qg4 and there is no defence against Qxg7#. A desperate g6 doesn't work due to Nh6#.

  28. Thank you so much for this. Implemented this, instant win streak 🏆

  29. Would love to see you do a new b6 video. Your videos are the best!

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