1.d4 – Chess Openings for Absolute Beginners (Elo-0 to 600) | ft. @SuhaniShah

In the previous episode of this series, all the openings related to 1.e4 were discussed. In this episode of Chess Openings for absolute beginners, IM Sagar Shah introduces new opening varieties after 1.D4. And who is his student in the video – the ever charming mentalist and magician Suhani Shah. Suhani’s interest in chess and the willingness to learn something new makes this a thoroughly insightful at the same time refreshing video!

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Video: ChessBase India
Edited by: Abhyudaya Ram

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  1. Improve sound quality…hardly audible even after using headphones 🥲

  2. I am 800 player 🙂 I am excited to see some new oppnings

  3. Sir I would like to ask what happens at phonix mall at Saturday mumbai beacuse I am confused with It if there are chess maths on 15 October I would like to come there 🙂 I live in powai

  4. This is a great initiative for new people to learn Chess. After this stream, some people in Suhani's audience would be interested in Chess and will start playing. It's just this series should continue without much breaks. Thanking Chessbase India once again…

  5. I am 1450 but I don't play 1d4 hopefully after this stream I will play D4 for sure

  6. Sagar bhai make a video about at what level what standard opening should play

  7. Sagar bbai ese hi aur bhi lao

    Teach us part time chess players

    Opening ,than mid game bbi thoda sa sikha dena,dhire dhire

  8. Is a link available for the e4 video mentioned?

  9. Remember class, 100% of your games are going to be decided by tactics. Learning heavy opening lines doesn't matter and is a pure waste of time. Stick to the principles:

    1. Develop Your Pieces

    2. Don't Make Too Many Pawn Moves

    3. Don't Bring Your Queen Out Too Early

    4. Don't Move The Same Piece Twice

    5. Castle Early

    6. Develop Towards the Center

    7. Clear The Back Rank & Connect You Rooks

    Don't spend countless hours watching crappy "trap chess" openings, but rather channels like John Bartholomew, Chess Network, or Daniel Naroditsky as they provide move-by-move commentary

    as to why they play the moves they do. I think it provides better insight than just looking through master games yourself, but you can do that if you wanted to. Just stick to purely basic

    tactics like Forks, Skewers, Pins, Overloaded/Trapped/Hanging Pieces, X-Rays, and Discovered Attacks. Ideally you'll play your normal chess by following the principles, but always asking yourself

    what your opponent might be threatening (80% of the time they're garbage and don't threaten anything) or what you can threaten (and if you do your tactics and learn from masters you'll be able to

    come up with threats). It doesn't matter whether you choose 1.e4 or 1.d4 when your under 1000, but I would suggest when you get to around the 1000 mark you play 1.e4, 1.e5, & 1.d5. Just keep it simple and play principled chess. Only play systems if you honest to god don't understand principles and need a guideline. (Suggestions of King's Indian Attack, Stonewall Defense, & Jobava London)

  10. Can anyone answer that ki ye mic kis liye lagaya tha .
    Jab camera ka audio hi dalna tha 🤣🤣
    But anyways it was good .

  11. excellent educational video just better your sound quality (there is echo).❤❤🧡🧡❤❤

  12. I also studied the 🐱 Gambit through this video.

  13. I played 1 tournament and my fide rating 1736 and my onilne rating 2100

  14. Hope ChessBaseIndia won't need another year's time to release the next episode in this series 😝

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