1 Minute Ponziani Trap

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  1. Why can’t black go Kb8 or Kb7 after that check? I’m missing the follow up mate.

  2. Dude, you are awesome. I say that very very rarely but it’s my birthday so I’m being self indulgent.

  3. 2 questions

    1) How do you respond if they play Nc6 instead of c6?

    2) How do you respond if they play bxc6 instead of Qb6?

  4. And then he sacrifices THE BISHOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i actually just did that since i like that knight variation

  6. Bro i got destroyed someone played this and i got fooled 😢😢😢😢

  7. What the absolute hell. I'm a beginner. My mind is blown. That was so cool.

  8. I tried it , it seems everyone’s a ponziani expert . Didn’t worked once 10/10

  9. My opponent didn't pass the vibe check 🤦🏿‍♂️

  10. Ponziani usually gets you a good position on the board but most of the time black offers a bishop trade after you check the king.

  11. I would rather get check mated in 3 moves rather than suffering this humiliation

  12. Question
    After Bishop B5 check, why doesn't Knight move to block on C6? Am I missing something obvious

  13. Can we do this OTB tho? No extra knight right?

  14. I bet my dumb ass will still promote it to a queen and gets it taken away immediately 😂

  15. Why would i promote to a knight?! It won’t result in checkmate.

  16. you are one move away from being checkmated at f2.

  17. Bro they just take the pon so how you gonna make a knight or queen

  18. I just had this in a game. He took the pawn and i took with the knight. Then queen out then knight back guarding the bishop. Lol. That line. Theres a good study on it on lichess. Its the one with a shit ton of likes. My opponent resigned after move 12 and i had 98.5% accuracy. Almost feel bad. D6 is a big no no. Now i have to go remember everything for black but i usually just play the pirc

  19. Me let's try this opening
    Gets the black piece 😦

  20. POV: Opponent develops bishop and castles 💀

  21. How come the queen couldn’t eat the bishop?

  22. Tried it 10 times at 1200 elo, none of these traps work except for the dark knight gambit.

  23. One rook is taken and Other one is in danger after we take q they take knight we are taking rook if they save their Rook we are gonna take bishop Pawn Ziani😌

  24. Such a good move. I’m new. This is mind blowing lol

  25. Doesn’t this fail if they don’t move their queen?

  26. Commenting so algorithm shows more chess

  27. We can't teach this to Frank, it is too cheeky. He will play it every game and try to force it.

  28. what if the person play knight f6 instead of knight c6

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