10 Chess Traps to Win FAST!!

How To Win FAST In Chess – 10 Moves Or Less

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Gambits For White
3:52 5/6 Moves: Caro Kann
7:20 7 Moves: Ponziani
11:08 8 Moves: Fried Liver
14:37 10 Moves: English
18:51 Gambits For Black
23:08 6/7 Moves: Portuguese
27:00 8 Moves: Englund
30:37 9 Moves: Albin
35:07 10 Moves: Stafford

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  1. This video is dope some dope traps man
    Definitely learnt alot about gambit and how I can use them as traps

  2. i totally used the Blackburne- schilling gambit today in the last game I played opponent resigned in 6 moves 1 e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nd4 4 NxE5 Qg5 5. Nf3 Qg2 6. Rf1 Nf3 0-1 opponent resigns

  3. My dad did'nt fooled by these traps. Because he's better than me i say hes rating is 1500

  4. Problem is everyone watch this 😂😂😂😂

  5. The annoying thing about Caro kann is not many players do it in lower leagues ESSPECIALY stone. Bronze I think is a bit better but I don’t think caro kann works that well in the lower leagues.

  6. Any books by chance for the chess, I wanna become a chess master please 🥺

  7. Did anyone else noticed that in the wayward queen one, after Qxe5, Be7 and Qxh8, you can play Bf6 and trap the queen, and after Qxf6 and Nxf6, the material is equal, but you have a horsey out?

  8. btw the stafford gambit has like 15 lines and every line has like 3 traps

  9. Thankyou! So much I learned a lot of strategies and traps from you! I hope you'll make a lot of vedio!!

  10. In wayward queen if the black brings his queen then what ??

  11. i won a game in two moves once, my greatest victory

  12. 1:15 it's worth noting that Magnus Carlsen has been checkmated with the black pieces once in this position when he premoved the bongcloud not expecting the opponent to play wayward queen. This was a while back


  14. what would you do if somebody plays English opening:symmmetrical variation rather than playing e5

  15. My son is 6 and recently somehow became obsessed with chess despite never having seen a chess board before. I have never played seriously. I used to casually play against my own dad to get dominated again and again. So when he asked to play, I got a board and found your channel to learn the basics again.

    Thank you for having all this amazing content! It won't take long for my boy to be better than I am. He's smarter than most kids. But for now time to take these lessons and go humiliate this kid while I can.

  16. was the 2700 gm who did the trap the beast?

  17. I have tried the 8moves fried liver, but my enemy covers with his queen XD

  18. nobody plays like that, so it's fkg garbage that never works

  19. In India, if someone describes tips and tricks of any particular topic, we say (sarcastically) "chilla-chilla ke sabko scheme bta de"🤣 it means "tell all the secret tips to everyone" (sarcastically) 🤭

  20. I'm really in love with chess and I see most of the professional chess players start chess so young like 6 years old but I'm 13 and I wanna know isn't it late for me

  21. 37:51 rook and the queen 👑 smash the king💖 why does is sound so naughty

  22. Levy, do a cover on lucchini and Alexandra gambit. Those are seriously underrated against Italian games!

  23. you are only speaking that's why I can't understand i am champion in learning moves but because you are speaking too much that's why i can't learn

  24. i love porzani opening and stafford gambit because i like attacking chess. thanks for the traps,

  25. it doesnt work the opponet is smarter than you think

  26. How to defense if they check us in first one….

  27. dude you doing amazing videos.. i recently started playing and your videos have helped me a lot! best of luck with everything that you want to achieve 😀

  28. I used the first trap inmediately, and it worked. I just had to make a small variation because my opponent played e5.

  29. For Stafford gambit, what about Re1? For the opponent explore that line

  30. This is so helpful tyyy because i am gonna go to a tournament

  31. What app are you using to show these moves?

  32. Thank you man, Fried liver just killing it!

  33. If it’s that less moves why you fuckin talk on cam soo much

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