10 Chess Traps to Win FAST!!

How To Win FAST In Chess – 10 Moves Or Less

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Gambits For White
3:52 5/6 Moves: Caro Kann
7:20 7 Moves: Ponziani
11:08 8 Moves: Fried Liver
14:37 10 Moves: English
18:51 Gambits For Black
23:08 6/7 Moves: Portuguese
27:00 8 Moves: Englund
30:37 9 Moves: Albin
35:07 10 Moves: Stafford

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  1. HEY! the noob guy was you! I don't mean you'r a noob, but YOU are controling the noob. At least I subscribed

  2. I've actually played the Blackburn- Shilling gambit a few times against people. When it doesn't work it's not that bad; you can still win with good play. But when it does work you feel like an unstoppable wrecking machine!!

  3. In an attempt to do blackburne shilling, I lost to scholar's mate 😕

  4. Tbh Nelson did a really good Job teaching me how to not fall for These traps

  5. 12:15 i like the "black Knight Gambit" as counter most (from your other videos) 😛

  6. To do that there should be a foolish oppenet

  7. I really enjoy your smart move’s. Thank you 🙏 👌😊

  8. Sorry dude, but no cigar! I started white and played king's pawn to e4 and my opponent countered with pawn to c5. Now what? You didn't teach that position.

  9. This was GREAT…!
    I'm a total beginner, and it really helped me see the power of well orchestrated moves.
    I was truly laughing out loud.

  10. For the Blackburne-shilling, couldn't the queen just take the rook on f1 and mate?

  11. Oh yes i did this too to my friend without watching video

  12. Switches to explain how to win with the black pieces, uses the word "Gangster" for no reason suddenly.

  13. I play chess a lot and I didn't even know there is a gambit named after the capital of my country lol (Serbia, Belgrade)

  14. e4 e5 nf3 nf6 nxe5 nxe4 qf3 bd5 qf7 check mate

  15. At the ponziani, making a new queen, if they block with the bishop then you take the rook and when the queen takes the new queen, white moves their first queen and take the bishop and mate black.

  16. Γιώργος Τσιλιγκιρης says:

    I started playing chess like 3 months ago this traps help a lot because I finnaly can win some games but when I try the traps 60% doing like shit moves and destroying the trap Without them knowing

  17. black can win in 2 move if white are very dumb : f3 e5
    g4 Qh4 checkmate

  18. This move is trashhh! Why are you promoting this? This is chess to you? To win as fast as possible?

  19. I lost to caro kann because i didn’t know this

  20. Thank you for your show. Hopefully to see yours everyday very much.

  21. I just played the Albin perfectly. I think I should retire from chess now.

  22. You shit this will never happen you are horrible in chess

  23. In the Fried Liver, in the case of him not going Nf6, couldn't you also go for a basic d3 opening and then continue with the Fired Liver

  24. This was your absolutely best chess video! You are a chess genius!!😇

  25. This was a great video! I am very glad I found your channel

  26. using the waywardqueen attack it is possible to checkmate in 3 moves

  27. thank you so much now i can beat a rude chess player
    – edit i won! you are the best!!!!

  28. i love your videos gotham!!! I really learn from you!thanks (:

  29. In the first gambits for white here instead we can also do knight f6, threaten the queen and also defend our rook

  30. What if our opponent watches this🤔

  31. only today I learned that an opening has the same name as me

  32. I had a game that was similar to the Caro Kann Trap. The game started with queen's pawn and I was playing as black. I didn't smother them but they couldn't capture my night and all the only escape square was covered by the night, meaning the King was in check and there was no legal moves that could have made, it was an accidental checkmate and I didn't even notice it until I looked at the game and realized.

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