12 Difficult Chess Openings, and How to Beat Them! | The Dynamic Dozen

Expert Arjun Puri is back with a dozen more chess items. See twelve dynamic difficult chess openings, and how to beat them.

Stafford Gambit: C42 Petrov’s defence
Stonewall Attack: D00 Queen’s pawn, stonewall attack
Scotch Game: C45 Scotch, Steinitz variation
Grob’s Attack: A00 Grob, Fritz gambit
Nakhmanson Gambit: C56 Two knights defence
Benoni Defense: A43 Old Benoni, Mujannah formation
Halloween Gambit: C46 Four knights, Schultze-Mueller gambit
Marshall Defense: D06 Queen’s Gambit Declined, Marshall defence
English Rat Defense: A41 Old Indian defence
Albin Countergambit: D08 Queen’s Gambit Declined, Albin counter-gambit, Alapin variation
Møller Attack: C54 Giuoco Piano, Moeller (Therkatz) attack
Traxler Counterattack: C57 two knights defence, Wilkes Barre (Traxler) variation


  1. Very nice simple and instructive video.. tumbs up!

  2. Are we watching the future world-champion ?Hard to imagine Arjun is only a kid … he has either grown-up too fast or has all the signs of being a genius.

  3. This kid is more well spoken than most adults I know

  4. Very interesting and well presented. Shame it was viewed moments after a loss too 1. g4 – but I feel suitably armed now.

  5. Terrific, well spoken, no fuss just chess!! Looking forward to more videos. Well done Arjun.

  6. It's a random student! Arjun! Well done, Arjun.

  7. It this Arjun from Var Akobian lectures? 😀

  8. Very interesting great help plus very clear spoken

  9. Awesome 👏 keep chess-ing. Keep giving more lectures kid. Very informative

  10. Yea; what Arthur said. It's humbling taking chess lessons from a child, but I'm barely 7 and a half min in, and I've already learned a lot from this kid,

  11. Great video! That scotch line gave me trouble before. NO MORE

  12. 8:14 instead of Qf3, if white plays a3, isn't black's Nb4 plan completely foiled?

  13. Thoroughly enjoyable & informative. Arjun is incredibly articulate & clear. Shows he understands theory really well and has a firm grasp of concepts. I watched it all the way to the end. Kudos!

  14. im 44 years old and this one is one of the best chess video i have see … no random talking no bad jokes strait to the point easy to understand exellente presentanthion clean axent (sorry if my english is bad ) i will wait just to see this young boy to become one of the best chess players of the future….

  15. Wait wait wait, are you the guy that guesses correctly everytime in Gm Akobian's videos?
    I always wondered what you looked like and here you are.
    Arjun, well done Arjun! You've got a great career in front of you, keep grinding 👏🏻👏🏻

  16. Very professional indeed, how lovely

  17. Is this the same Arjun from Ben Finegold videos? Awesome content and delivery.

  18. there is a forced draw for white in the Moeller attack, if black plays 13.. o-o instead of 13..h6 with 14 Nxh7

  19. This young man has amazing presentational skills! I'm as impressed by his speaking skills as I am for his chess skills

  20. Arjun is an institution. 🙏🏼

    Way more name recognition than many of the GMs that he has answered all the questions for. 🤣

  21. Arjun: "…the Stafford Gambit.."
    Eric Rosen: "………someone in St Louis has uttered my true name."

  22. I’m not sure if all good chess players are well spoken, or I get this impression just because popular videos are usually contended by good vocabulary. Chess in early years of age most probably helps brain capabilities when it comes to speech and thought expression. However, this young gentleman makes it easy for me to understand, which is something I appreciate. Thanks 🖖🏼

  23. Great lecture Arjun! Thanks a lot! Very well said!

  24. So that's what Arjun looks like, very suspicious

  25. well done !! Thank you!
    I enjoyed your video – even as a 2100 player I learned some interesting lines.

  26. The horrible suspicious Arjun in the flesh!

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