1700 players don’t know the BEST Beginner Chess Opening

Bobby Bo tricks a 1700 rated chess player with the Ponziani chess opening.



  1. i remember when u used to post fortnite videos now ur a crazy chess player. how time flies

  2. My favorite opening for white! I dont even know how many elo points I can attribute to this opening.

    Bless you Bobby, lunch today is going to be extra solid thanks to this video.

  3. guy who does random stuff and dosent have a life says:

    Bobby whats ur rating ?

  4. My man woke up in the morning and choose violence on chess board. πŸ’–πŸ’–

  5. My favorite moment of this video is shen Bobby said: "it's ponziani time!" And ponzianid all over the chess board. Truly inspiring moment.

  6. BOBBY they dont know this but what happened to the music? i_i

  7. I've always loved the Ponziani, reached 900 Elo today and the nice thing is that the Ponziani sometimes even works on more advanced players like 1500 and even above, but obviously on my level it's working even better. I think I'll stick to it for a long time!

  8. Face reveal? But we've seen your face in the Minecraft videos?

  9. 16:07 minutes in you move the front rook to a2 protecting the pawn and then play the move rf5

  10. Bobby I wish you did YouTube live still ):

  11. Isn't the ponziani just technically worse than italian game?

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