19 Brilliant Moves IN A ROW

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  1. shut up levy im 15 and i love greenday😂😂

  2. I can't even get 1 brilliant move in 19 games.

  3. Yeah this kind of skill level makes me quit chess, its literally impossible that I could come even close to that. Its like competing in 100m sprint against prime Usain Bolt

  4. This is the craziest game i have ever seen!!!

  5. 6:99 Me who is 14 but knows who green day is

  6. The amount of dopamine I was on watching the whole game, jumping around my room is insane

  7. Guys this isnt forced mate instead of knight e5 protrcting rook mate queen b1 stops checkmate

  8. Normalize chess commentary having the same energy as sports commentators

  9. On my alt account i was watching you since 2021 and didn't sub but it's ok if u think I'm lying it seems fake but it's not

  10. i somehow got a brilliant move at 520 elo pretty weird tbh

  11. -haha, did you really thought that hanging roock that you just ate was a blunder? Mate in 674132 moves, gg
    ( how tf do they think of 10 moves ahead, idk if im stupid(maybe) but im totally unable to do it)

  12. "Instead of rook takes g6, in this position, white played… ROOK TAKES G6"

  13. Fuck u Gotham, im twelve and i know the Green Day

  14. As a young Green Day fan, I appreciated reference…

  15. I have had 1 brilliant move against a friend who is significantly better than me, I lost obviously, but my brilliant move was a castle so that felt really cool

  16. I’m 12 and do know boulevard of broken dreams by gree day

  17. As an romanian , i cannot pronounce their names either.

  18. levy when someone plays a bad move : "Fascinating" . Levy when someone plays a good move : "Absolutely filthy". 🤣

  19. I’m confused the king is not on check so he could move the queen to the un defended night

  20. Green Day is a classic. I'm 2, and even I know green day.

  21. Levy… you insulted me… ofcourse we know who green day is!


  23. That how i make my choices in life !
    If you dont know what you are doing your enemies cant predict your actions ! 😆

  24. 6:54 bold of you to assume 12 years olds are watching chess game analysis and not binge watching tik tok and playing roblox

  25. You're wrong Levy, I know what Greenday is despite my age being 12 years old.

  26. Fun fact the song that you started singing for like 3 seconds is called "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

  27. “19 Brilliant moves in a row”
    “19 Blunders moves in a row-“

  28. I subscribed to this video ( self referencing)

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