19 Brilliant Moves IN A ROW

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  1. Gotham is so humorous lmao. "that'll make the video too short and I will only be able to put one ad in it"

  2. Those arent that brilliant. More standard really.

  3. absurd and loved everything except the resign// let the game finish

  4. As a low elo player, this video was crazy and awesome to watch, thank you levy 👏

  5. the fact that green day is like my favorite band 😂

  6. Amazing game and incredible analysis. I hope we can play a game of chess someday 🙂 Keep up the great, engaging work.

  7. I could probably live 1000 lifetimes and not be able to think of a move sequence like that, absolute wizardy.

  8. Szabó Gergely is actually hungarian✊🏻🇭🇺

  9. Last thing i was expecting was rook takes on g6

  10. Amazing video. I love your passion ahaha thank you !

  11. Thumbnail is literally me when 2.4 nanoseconds no zaza


  13. It's a pleasure to watch this game and see Levy's comments 😊

  14. Just for the record, I know Green Day as a 13 yr old

  15. This game was absolutely beautiful. Coolest game I've seen in a long while.

  16. Who doesn't know bolivar of broken dreams reply and say squingle

  17. Just an fyi, I know greenday, and a few of his songs, I’m 14 btw. I’m cultured

  18. Probably the most interesting chess game I've ever seen.

  19. Bro I’m 40 don’t ever assume I’m a zoomer

  20. You put too many ads in your videos stop it

  21. It looked like 100 elo gameplay ended by accidental checkmate

  22. Ayo guys. Petition to make a new meme of Dancing levy with spinning hands

  23. does anyone know the copy and paste to this

  24. maybe they premoved everything
    thats why no time passes (joke)

  25. "I feel like half of you don't even know who Green Day is because you're like 12 years old."

    I'll have you know that I am a 12 year-old that knows who Green Day is.

  26. Yousef Saqr banning hackers in bedwars says:

    Does anyone know queen dance to checkmate king with 2 queens

  27. This is the most insanely creative game I have ever seen. Even black posed white some serious problems to wade through that would have lost. Just spectacular

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  29. All my life I got 8 brilliant and this guy has 16 moves

  30. In the tumbnail you remind me of a rabbit in the show rabbits invasion 💀💀

  31. Alternate Title: Levy roasting us about how were probably twelve and hang mate in one for 16 minutes and 48 seconds.

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