2 Vital Chess Principles to Find the BEST Moves Easily (in ANY Position)

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Are you ready to take your chess game to the next level? In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will teach you two vital chess principles that grandmasters use to find the best moves in any position. These principles will help you improve your chess strategy and increase your chances of winning.

One common struggle in chess is deciding on the best move when there seem to be many possible options. You might have several possible moves at your disposal, but determining which move will lead to victory can be perplexing.

That is exactly what you will learn from this video lesson. These two rules can simplify your thought process during a chess game and guide you to make the best moves.

► Chapters

00:00 2 Important Chess Rules You Should Know
00:20 Example-1: Fischer vs Durao
01:50 1st chess principle/rule
04:05 2nd chess principle/rule
08:02 GM Igor Smirnov’s Birthday Special!
09:13 Example-2
10:38 Example-3
13:15 Example-4
15:00 Quiz: Can you find the best move?

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Thank you for being our chess teacher. I don't really know what to say but, keep going and happy birthday ;D

  2. 15:03 – Bxg7, Kxg7, Qe7+, Kf6, Qxd8 taking the free Rook because of a check, that's quite nice.

  3. incase if black put rook on e8, white should put the rook on e1, next move, white bishop to c3, maintaining pressure on g7 while strengthening the e file, then white queen can go to either e7 adding pressure to g7, or e6 forking a king and a rook

  4. 9:14 If you check the statistics at Lichess database, you will see that taking on e5 is the correct move, but NOT THE ONLY correct move. Passive move c3 (and also sacrificing own pawn on d4) has the SAME statistic results – 54% wins and 43% loses. The most popular Bc4 is only slighly worse (53% : 44%), so it is also playable.
    And you might ask "why would any reasonable person prefer passive c3?" The answer is – to transpose into Ponziani Opening. Transposition is a good tactic for those who are tired of memorizing too many openings and want to learn and play the ones that they are good at.

  5. Great video but I’m a night owl – can you please use dark colors around your camera frame –

  6. Happy birthday Igor!! We are the same age!! 😅

  7. I suggest : Bc7 attacking the black Rook (d8) forcing to move and leaving the square e6 for the white queen

  8. The best high level communicator of chess ideas.

  9. Without the plan Nxa5, you'd think that Rb3 is the least active piece. So I think Fisher had this already planned all along

  10. Black could of just moved pawn up one space

  11. Happy birthday
    The best movB.g7 is

  12. B c 7 then only good move for black is Q D7 bishop can the take the other pawn.

  13. Maybe Bxg7 with fork on either of the rocks depending on black king taking or not

  14. Happy Birthday GM Igor Smirnov’s have Great Day

  15. Example 3 on 10:40 is it not possible to play Ne6 and if the opponent plays something like
    Rf7 white can play Qg5 checkmate

  16. In example-3 I would go knight-e6 attacking the rook because the only good responses are rook-f7 and bishop-b6. My response to both of these moves is queen-g5, eventually trading my knight for his rook.

    Is there something wrong with this move that I haven’t seen?

  17. belated happy birthday! my best wishes. thank you so much for the lessons.

  18. Happy Birthday, Grandmaster Igor. Still look 26, just 10 years smarter! Thanks for all that you do!

  19. I will do Bxg7 – the pawn is free: if Kxg7, Qe7+ is free rook.

  20. KnH5 works petty well if you follow it up with a queen check and take the bishop back. Oh nevermind

  21. Happy belated bday! Hope you had a wonderful 🎉 🎉🎉

  22. Good teaching – very good teaching, indeed! 😊

  23. – Look for effective attacking moves first (1:55)

    – If no attacks are available, use the principle of the least active piece to improve your position (4:18)

    – Apply these strategies consistently, regardless of the position on the board (8:01)

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