3 Basic Chess Openings for White #Shorts

We’re back with another short chess lesson!
In this video you’ll learn a few common chess openings for white.

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  1. U could play the ponziani opening which is e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 c3 and d4 it helps u control the centre

  2. You ripped this directly from your lesson lmao

  3. That was Spanish opening in the beginning?

  4. Hey can you do a video on how to play?

  5. Me, an intellectual: “KINGS PAWN OPENING”

  6. The easiest way to win is to make an offer he cant refuse.

  7. Сами создатели наверное не пробовали играть на CHESS. COM. Ужасно глючное управление…

  8. Blacks B pawn is literally one captire away to be called the N word

  9. I wonder how they got the names to some of these moves/techniques

  10. If you opponent opens with king pawn I counter with the queen pawn

  11. Thought it was sheldon cooper giving thee tutorial

  12. G5 isn't the correct move , it's d7 . The white has good moves there.

  13. Where to buy this kind of chess set/board here in the philippines

  14. Ruy lopez was the opening that came naturally to me when I started playing, I don't like it as much anymore but it has a special place in my head and heart 🙂

  15. Here's a strategy before you try all this

  16. Ah, Sudoku…A game to play with your friends to show that you are mentally superior. Love it

  17. Doesnt the bishop usually takes the knight in a ruy lopez opening when the a pawn attacks it? Like thats a free pawn in the center 🤣

  18. The fact that I’ve been playing chess for a good amount of months and didn’t know the end was a move-

  19. What about the tenision gambit: ICBM variation (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile)

  20. That one pawn tho

    my swear in my college some people would purposely mix all the chess pieces so they'd be different in colours and materials just to trigger people

  21. The darkened pawn had my eye the whole video

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