3 RARE & Shameless Opening Traps for 2024

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares the top 3 best chess opening traps to catch your opponents off guard. These traps are solid, aggressive, and relatively unknown.

You will learn traps for both White and Black. An interesting fact is that more than 556,320 chess players have fallen for one of these traps!

► Chapters

00:00 Top 3 Chess Opening Traps In 2024 (For Blitz & Bullet)
00:05 Trap-1
02:36 Trap-2
06:02 Trap-3
06:18 Stafford Gambit counter trap for White
08:34 If Black plays Nxe5 instead of Nxe4

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  1. ► Chapters

    00:00 Top 3 Chess Opening Traps In 2024 (For Blitz & Bullet)

    00:05 Trap-1

    02:36 Trap-2

    06:02 Trap-3

    06:18 Stafford Gambit counter trap for White

    08:34 If Black plays Nxe5 instead of Nxe4

  2. make a vid on the steinitz ponziani gambit in the italian

  3. I have a question: I often watch chess videos and hear the term 'weak squares' How do we know if we are weakening a square? How to use weak squares created by our opponents?

  4. The smirk in thumbnail is something else😂

  5. This is helpful since I want to help up my blitz and bullet skill since I’m terrible at blitz 😅

  6. do you have a video explaining all the main ideas in the stafford gambit?

  7. Man I'm scared by the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  8. Hi Igor, Thanks for your latest video. I also have a question. My favorite opening for Black is the Busch Gass Gambit. Yet, for some reason I can't wrap my head around it. Would you please do a detailed video on the theory for this opening. I think I'm missing something.
    Thank you in advance. 😊😊😊

  9. @9:40 why can't black save the knight?! Be7 is a good choice, isn't it?

  10. Hey igor make a video on ruy lopez best attacking variation and easy to learn and in the same video add some more variation which are also worth playing btw i like your videos u have helped me so much love you

  11. @GMIgorSmirnov, at 9:40, can you not move your knight to e4 or bishop to e7?

  12. #1 is my favorite opening, but I always thought it was unsound against stronger players. Igor has developed much better lines than I ever came up with, though. Never thought to morph it into a mirrored version of the Charlick if the opponent didn't bit. Goes to show the difference between me and a GM. 🙂

  13. Igor never tells us that to be a GM you must have an IQ over 200.
    That's why my games fail.

  14. I would like yo be able to play in landscape mode ..thank you

  15. No when you play Simone it does not beep at the end and cannot play and opponent landscape mode great site though

  16. 9:35 What if Black plays Be7, retreating the bishop and defending the knight at the same time?

  17. 1:57 " because the are used to you playing silly moves, giving up pawns here and there ". K.O !!!!!!

  18. In first why should we castle in queen side

  19. At 1:11 how would you handle pxc2? Couldn't that be very dangerous?

  20. Igor please make a video how you think to find candidate moves and make a plan 😢

  21. Best way to handle the Stafford? Delayed king's gambit. Love it.

  22. I guess I have missed something learning chess. The move you made to capture the pawn on D4 at 4:12 in your video; I was unaware that the pawn on e4 could capture the pawn on d4 simply by moving to d3.

    I guess I am confused on how that works. I thought the pawn could only capture if the opponent was occupying the diagonal square?

  23. The video and tutorial itself is good. But I usually forget everything I watch 🙂 Any suggestions for me?

  24. I not only learn to play great tunes with you, but I also learn English pronunciation because you have a nice and pleasant voice, a beautiful accent, and perfect English grammar. Thank you very much. what a a lesson on beautiful/Marillion?

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