300,000+ People Fell For This Trap

300,000+ people have fallen for this chess trap!


  1. No trap work when your opponent is dumb😂😂

  2. पहले ही वजीर से वजीर मार देते है

  3. My opponent tried it with me ended up loosing everything

  4. So he is a queen down and i lost my 2 pawns,a knight and a bishop 😂😂

  5. When Eric Rosen showed this line, I saw lots of people play it against my Nc3…lol I won all those games.

  6. Please do a short trick.I can't remember in the game😂

  7. In the same way you can checkmate the opponent's king too!

    Edit: Knight+ Bishop+ Pawn = Queen
    In reality: Bishop+ Rook = Queen 😂😂

  8. how to not learn chess? watch these easy win trap videos instead of learning principles and openings.

  9. Thank you because you will help me to win
    First place

  10. Such a donkey you captured his queen after sacrificing 2 soldiers and a horse with Bishop😂😂😂

  11. You forgot mention that if they don't take the knight,player is supposed to resign…

  12. It always works when i play from the both end😜

  13. My opponent came with new move
    Me – eyy waste fellow, thats not how you play

  14. What did you do if the opponent pawn kill your queen while your are moving your bishop to near opponent king………. 🧐

  15. Intercontinental Ballistic Missle[ICBM] Gambit

  16. Worst move…. This opening is for kids. I have taken out more than 90 percent of players who had this stupid idea.

  17. Me : "winning queen"
    Also me : Sacrificed bishop , knight and 2 pawns

  18. Note this trap works with okayer with less than 1000elo

  19. 8 points for 8 points
    2 pawn, 1 knight, 1 Bishop 😢

  20. I have actually used this trap many times, works great

  21. No surprise that what? This is why shorts are a bad idea.

  22. The easier and faster way(if you're opponents plays like that) just put the bishop to g5 and it is an easy win

  23. why that white pawn didnt capture the black queen???

  24. Bro the Queen is always in right White's Queen is on left
    Queens and King's are never in same line

  25. We know😂😂😂😂😂looser u don't know about that geandmaster s not playing that

  26. ok d4 e5 dxe5 bc5 oh… nc3 not nf3

  27. They could hold to something so they wouldn't fall

  28. Man this voice makes me check my bank account every time.

  29. The king and queen from both side are standing opposite of each other! Is it right?

  30. You will lose against me because I am vishwanathan's son

  31. You didn't even win, that wasn't a check. All that did was put their bishop in danger.

  32. Intercontinental ballistic missile gambit

  33. Castle system be like: bruh use me😂

  34. Instructions unclear everyone is playing e5

  35. Puts the Queen back in it’s original place
    Gets captured by Pawn and it turns into a new Queen
    Can’t Castle anymore

  36. My opponent ignored the first pawn and stepped forward 😂😂

  37. knight is 3 bishop is 3 2 pawns are 2 that equals 8 queen is 9 so you are 1 point up still winnable for white

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