5 Best Chess Opening Traps in the Center Game

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 5 best chess opening traps in the Center Game. The Center Game is a chess opening after the moves 1.e4 e5 2.d4 exd4, and after 3.Qxd4 Nc6, it pretty much looks like the Scandinavian Defense in reverse.

The best part is that GM Smirnov will share with you the traps for both sides, White and Black. 😊 You can use and implement these traps in your practical games easily. Moreover, you are not only going to see these beautiful games, which are really amazing, but also you will be able to train your tactical vision along the way; Smirnov will show you how you can find such beautiful tactical shots.

Even though the Center Game is not a very powerful chess opening, you can use it from time to time, especially in your blitz games. There are a lot of chances one could fall into these traps!

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  1. Its very interesting, but I cannot remember the tricks to apply in time, some how it makes me progress and gives me confidence in plying the games.

  2. Sir, thank you for such and incredible video. I have watched several video's for beginners and this one is the best I have ever seen. I have applied your method of pins and forks and immediately my score has risen very quickly!!! Thanks you so much!

  3. 1st one you showed is 90 percent winning for black.

  4. Excellent video! Master Joel Johnson suggests the center game for his students.

  5. This is a helpful video, but on the trap starting at 13:55, you give up a knight and a rook for the queen, so on material alone, not really a decisive advantage.

  6. Having the transcript on the right side of the screen is very useful. Thank you.

  7. Having the transcript on the right side of the screen is very useful. Thank you.

  8. Cool video. You might wanna work on your audio game. Have a great day.

  9. Solo veo mover las piezas..porque no entiendo nada de Inglés…pero son Geniales estas Defensas Agresivas

  10. Nice your daba games parformens ♥️♥️♥️👌

  11. Could you please make a video of the French Defense System from the black side!

  12. Tnx for the ideas.. I love it.. 💞💞💞

  13. Great video! Sacrificing pieces to gain position often means you are on the attack, thinking as a winner. Too much defense often leads to lost games. I love how you explain these traps.

  14. That sec trap checkmate it is wasted for sacrificing the queen

  15. Question from a new player. In trap two right at the end before checkmate, white sacrificed a Queen to take the Knight on F7… why doesn’t black take the Queen with the Pawn on G6? The Rook would be attacking white’s Bishop?

  16. this is either fake or a different type of chess, how he moves the rook through the queen?

  17. Igor, these are sweet man. I'm going to try to memorize it!

  18. Love these videos. Could we have a little commentary included in each trap on the best way to avoid the trap?

  19. Where is the link to your "Key To Victory" youtube channel?

  20. For trap 2 what if black plays F7 and takes your queen. Exposing his rook. Would that not be a brilliant move for black and truncate white's attack?

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