5 Most ANNOYING Chess Openings

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5 Chess Openings I HATE: London, Benko, Ruy Lopez, Catalan, and SemiSlav.


0:00 Intro
1:49 Opening 1 – LONDON
9:22 Opening 2 – CATALAN
15:15 Opening 3 – Ruy Lopez
20:15 Opening 4 – Benko
26:40 Opening 5 – Semislav


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  1. I am currently playing the Spanish and I have ten game win streak. The opening works really well for me.

  2. Киностудия и кинофестиваль 22 ВЕК says:

    Against London: play modern g6 with d6, Nd7, e5, Nh6, Qe7 set-up – crush London players every game.

  3. Anyone know why the spanish is suddenly the fashionable opening

  4. Me personally, I hate the scandinavian. It's just too much pressure too early and you lose the center immediately.

  5. This endgame has been studied to the death 😂

  6. There's a book (actually, at least two) with a similar title: How To Survive and Beat Annoying Openings by Eric Schiller and John Watson.

  7. I’d watch the whole three hour video of the Ruy Lopez opening

  8. Why castling sucks it almosts hangs your king

  9. Omg middle finger to your berlin !! HAHAHAHAH 😂😅😆

  10. Sadly Levy I love the Ruy Lopez it is favorite opening with white.

  11. what's annoying is when people do a scholars mate but counter all of the queen attacks i do

  12. After his kick comments and the cynical "only money matters", it's clear he did the Mr beast thing for clout and nothing more

  13. How does a literal gm "never understand" the ruy lopez? Dont you need to know basically every variation of every known opening to become a GM? also he's saying he would never touch it with a 10-ft pole, might study it for leisure after he retires, and yet he seems to recite every variation of it

  14. I am an 1800 Elo and advanced player who hates playing against1.E5 2.Nc6, London System, 3.Bc4 Sicilian, Scandinavia Defence, and Dutch Defense

  15. Luckily I’m not good enough to open with Ruy Lopez

  16. One of my schoolmates plays the ruy lopez even if there isn't a knight to pin and a pawn is blocking a king, it just makes no sense

  17. The Petrov I find very annoying, for some reason

  18. I agree that you are a douche person that knows his stuff

  19. Why tf is he pronouncing Berlin like that though?

  20. I always play e5 and I never knew it was the best option tbh against London, it just felt as if they felt thrown off balance, and it's just funny af to bully London players

  21. The most annoying opening is an attempt at scholar's mate when you forgot how to punish it properly.

  22. Thanks, now i will be playing this annoying openings 😂

  23. How to beat the London System: When you get to a position at 5:10 move your queen to b6 and try to either attack the b2 pawn, check the king or pin the knight. This will make white put more pieces on the queens side to defend and counter, then try to make a kings side attack.

  24. As a 1630 I can confirm I learned this one crazy line of the semislav . I know it, I really do but its literally never played on my level so yeah . Pain in the ass indeed

  25. Compare this thumbnail with the latest video . With Gotham illo his clip bait is also increasing 😅

  26. Could You Please make a video about Spanish opening???Caz, I saw Magnus Carlsen playing a lot using this opening and I wanna also learn. Could You ???

  27. Best Chess YouTuber hands down not even close🤷‍♂️

  28. levy: #1 most annyoing chess opening: the london
    also levy: plays the london

  29. i never play the italian…
    and vienna are boring
    pleaaaaase… play spanish for 3 hours video ^^

  30. is the slav defense just a confused Caro in disguise?

  31. I only play the London, catalan and ruy Lopez 😂

  32. I love playing spanish game, so intersting but the worst is definetely caro kann

  33. Me, a 700 who barely knows a single opening watching this video pretending I understand

  34. Worst opening of all time is the kings indian attack with white. So annoying playing against it. If someone knows an energetic dynamic retort by black let ne know

  35. I always play Schliemann against Ruy Lopez as black. It’s such a fun curve ball to throw at Spanish players.

  36. As a 1k player I play Spainish and it’s great you easily out throw ur opponent in the start because after castle they just take prawn

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