5 move CHECKMATE (Caro Kann Trap)

Caro Kann chess opening checkmate trap in 5 moves

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  1. If queen equals to rook + bishop then why is the queen 9 points and bishop + rook is 8?

  2. Man good thing I dont caro kann or this would have def happened to me.

  3. I’ve actually done this once when I was a lot more into chess but it took me tons of moves and the area had less pieces, i still wonder how it happened lol

  4. never. any caro player plays Be6 after Knight takes

  5. Kf6 is actually very playable and the double pawns really doesnt really effect black much, it actually makes it better in a way

  6. Bro i was unable to understand why that pawn can't capture that knight

  7. Nobody will EVER play this in chess this wasn’t useful


  9. Thank you oh my god i finally clapped my brother in chess

  10. You can basically farm sub 1000s with this. If you see a queen develop on move 2-3, you might want to be concerned

  11. I did something like this completely by accident, tbh was stunned myself ngl

  12. 1. e4 e5 2. ke2 qh4 3. kf3 qxe4#

    dumbest 3 move checkmate

  13. it doesn't make any sense, that is not what my opponent would think like at all.

  14. When Qe2, carokann players wouldn't actually capture and develop their pieces instead. So this thing can happen if ck players are careless

  15. literally no one would play these moves to get this checkmate,

  16. Brooo🤯 the walker can take your night

  17. This guy is soo lucky to have 400 rating players all the time.

  18. Can everyone just stop complaining about their opponent not doing what they want? If these traps worked every single time chess wouldn't be fun.
    Someone is giving you free chess knowledge in short easily digestible videos and you complain about it?

  19. Just waiting until I find someone who cares about not having double pawns

  20. Yeah if they’re good enough to see nf6 doubles there pawns they 100% won’t fall for nd7.

  21. The enemy isn't as dumb as this in my humble opinion

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