5 move CHECKMATE (Caro Kann Trap)

Caro Kann chess opening checkmate trap in 5 moves

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  1. I have played chess like month against bot, 5 draw, 23 loses, never win

  2. The best to counter that moves is pawn e6 to allow the queen to take knight without double the pawn

  3. Of course my opponent doesnt care about double pawns

  4. Black pawn can capture knite ha ha😂😂😂😂

  5. Black will play knight to f6 watch Gotham chess

  6. i think if they can notice the knight, they will notice the checkmate too?

  7. Did you say, I just got checkmated one five moves?

  8. Me also a Caro Kann player usually moves my bishop out and closes with e6

  9. You'll usually run into it if you play the karpov variation mindlessly, always gotta watch for that queen e2 move

  10. Wasn’t this supposed to be 5 moves? 2 hours and it keeps going

  11. ive seen a lot of these loops, this one was seamless

  12. This isn't usefull at all, anybody who knows the Caro Cann knows that the knight move is good even if it damages the structures

  13. سلام ، دفاع اسلاو ، این دفاع رد شده ، موفق باشید

  14. I can guarantee no person plays Nd7 but this was a nice vid and loop

  15. But even if you double the pawns, you can develop the rook, so it's around even no?

  16. Nah dude, we Caro Kann players font play like that, but nice video

  17. Wait a minute I did this accidentally in the 9th grade

  18. Just double ur pawns, u open up your rook and ur bishop no?

  19. what if pawn does not take and attak the knight?

  20. This works if your playing against an amateur. And by amateur I mean a person who is 200

  21. I see a double up 3 moves from now
    Oh man i didn't see the checkmate in 1 move

  22. Fun fact: Magnus carlsen lose the game in 5 moves with this trap 😳

  23. Can't you just play the tartakower variation of the Karo

  24. What if they move the pawn forward to attack the knight instead of capturing the pawn

  25. U got checkmated in 5 moves? Wow ur trash I got checkmated in 4 moves multiple times 💀

  26. "Caro Kann" trap seems a bit misleading , because I typically hear the "Caro Kann" as something played by black, but the trap is played by white. I'm not sure if this could be fixed, though.

  27. If i play with my friends you think they gonna use this kinds of moves?

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