5 Secret Chess Rules

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  1. Perpetual check is just a specific example of 3-fold repetition

  2. then why i had a draw on my 2nd repetiton cuz i changed the move …

  3. You said "5 chess rules you didn't know" and then said "Your favorite, stalemate". How could it be my favorite if I didn't know it?!!? Got him.

  4. If you die during play, a draw. It only has been used once. Probably, has not been written Into the FIDE or USCF rules

  5. Today I was in a chess compaction in my school I was losing soooooo hard I had only king and a pawn I was trying to stalemate but he was checking and everyone was watching was telling me to lose but I was focusing so hard the teacher came and Sayed:stop talking I was still focusing and everyone was silence and it was a stalemate I was very happy the I will replay the game again😊

  6. Dude like I actually stumbled in a stalemate yesterday probably after 3 months so yea that sucked

  7. You forgot when you cant checkmate your opponent and run out of time but he only has a king and u finally pawn promoted a queen 😢

  8. no.6 you timeout but opponent only has a king

  9. Blue forgor timeout vs insufficient material

  10. I love your videos levy but I think you forgot one 1️⃣ I’ll get you a scenario.

    White has a queen king and 2 rooks.
    While black has no pieces other than its king.
    White runs out of time and it’s a draw

  11. Is it possible to create a situation where neither player has any legal moves other than going back and forth?

  12. I made a threefold repetition within a series of 12 moves:
    I made the exact repetition twice in a row, and after about 9 moves later, we came to the exact position a 3rd time for the (Threefold Repetition).

  13. Everyone knows this it's not a secret.

  14. But number 1 is included in number 2 and number 4 is included in number 3

  15. Insufficient material isnt just not enough material to force a checkmate, its not enough material to deliver checkmate. Ie. One could theoretically deliver mate with king and bishop vs king and knight (or bishop, but it must be opposite colored), but it would require the opponent essentially trying to get checkmated and couldnt be forced.

  16. Perpetual check should fall under the threefold repetition rule. Seems redundant.

  17. How about timeout vs insufficient material

  18. I had another type of draw, I ran out of time but the other person had insufficient material and I had M5.

  19. Running out of time vs material
    Also draw by SOME rules.

  20. There's also one when you run out of time, but you opponent has only king left

  21. Even when I think victory is within my grasp Ill manage the stalemate

  22. Number 1 and 2 are the same though, no? I mean, the reason perpetual check if a draw is because it always leads to repetition.

  23. I remember i was playing against a highly rated guy mind me i am was a kid of 9 years old. Somehow i gave ny best performance that day and in the end our repeation was of like 10-15 moves. As one change in pattern whoever makes looses a piece. And we decided to draw one of my best games ever

  24. i literally knew every one so why did i stay

  25. There is also the “dead position”

  26. The most common way at my elo is stalemate, then not enough material, then 3 move repetition, then the 50-move rule and the least common one is you offer a draw and the opponent accepts it💀

  27. by the way, how much material needed to checkmate?

  28. Perpetual check = draw?! Not right. I just had this happen against the bot and I felt cheated.

  29. You forgot about when you flag someone with only a king left it will be a draw

  30. Just for my own sanity, perpetual check and threefold repetition is the same right? Just so the list has 5 things right?

  31. number six is switching your knights by basically making them do a marathon

  32. Isn't repetition and perpetual check the same fucking thing?

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