5 Secret Chess Rules

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  1. Number 6 is when one person runs out of time while the other person has insufficient material..

  2. Checkmate through flipping the board around… that’s six.

  3. What about timeout vs insufficient material? Forgot that one.

  4. Damn lm the only who found the seventh way

  5. There's only 4 perpetual check is both
    50 moves and repetition
    Also Ik thess

  6. I think there another way, when all the pawns are blocking each other and no pawnbreaks and piece sack, so the kings cannot move to other side of the board.

  7. True Our favorite is Stalemate even though we tried to to win😮

  8. I feel like stalemate should be whoever is blocking the other players spots wins since they’re cornered

  9. Lol my man forgot timeout vs sufficient material 😂

  10. I didn't know about the 50-move rule. But who really wants to make 50 moves not really doing anything?

  11. Timeout vs Insufficient material and draw by death

  12. Endless checks is threefold deletion, also u forgot to include time out + insufficient matrial

  13. There is 6th rule for draw
    – If your opponent died☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  14. You forgot about timeout vs insufficient material.

  15. you could also count “Insufficient Material vs Timeout” as 6

  16. The five stages of grief we all face on a daily basis

  17. What about timeout against insufficient material?

  18. My dumb brain thinking that insufficient with time out is a 6th way when its really just combined

  19. "Chess but i need to draw every opponents i match with"

  20. Aren't 1 and 2 the same? And also if your time runs out but your opponent can not legally mate you it's a draw as well.

  21. For #4, checkmating with two knights is possible, but that alone is only a draw, unless if the opposing side has a pawn, because it is needed to force the king into checkmate.
    Comment down below if i got anything wrong

  22. He missed one. You can also run out of time even if your up a queen. If that happens when the opponent only has a king, it’s a draw.

  23. Isn’t insufficient material when there isn’t enough material to checkmate not necessarily force a checkmate?

  24. Imagine wanna play 5 queen checkmate but stalemate 💀💀

  25. When the clock ends and the opponent hasn't enough material

  26. There's also a dead position, where neither side can make any progress, for example, all pawns left are facing eachother and are blocking the opposite king from crossing the board. It would lead to repetition or 50 move rule but most other draws would too.

  27. What about timeout vs insufficient material?

  28. There is another one….. they both SACRIFICED THE ROOOOKKKK!!!

  29. Levy, 1 and 2 are the same. One is forced one is not, but still both times draw via threefold

  30. Perpetual checks is kind of wierd to include here, it's there really a rule that specifies it as a draw, it's say the 3-fold repetition and 50 move rule covers it and are more general

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