5 Secret Chess Rules

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  1. Never understood why stalemate is a tie, if my opponent can’t make any valid moves that means they should lose.

  2. "Not enough material to force a checkmate"? Isn't it when it's literally impossible to achieve a checkmate with legal moves, no matter how good or bad anyone plays. You could argue there's no game that can force a checkmate, therefore every game would be a draw.

  3. doesn't perpetual check comes in 3 fold repetition

  4. Why wouldn't anybody who likes chess and watch your channel know these rules…

  5. How is repeated checks different from 3fold repetition

  6. He forgot about timeout vs insufficient material 😢

  7. My fav stalement lol. Was he my opponent last match??

  8. Perpetual check is a repetition, or 50 move rule if possible.

  9. time against insufficient material is also a draw

  10. Bruh perpetual check and repetition is the exact same draw

  11. 1. Offer draw (accepted)
    2. Stalemate
    3. 3 fold repitition
    4. Perpetual check
    5. Insufficient material
    6. 50 move rule
    7. Time out vs insufficient material
    8. Game aborted
    9. Fivefold repitition
    10. Seventy-five move rule
    11. Dead position
    12. Severe-disadvantages
    13. Double bongcloud

  12. Whats the difference in the rules between no. 1 and no. 2?

  13. There is also the Insufficient mating material vs timeout

  14. One time i played a game so bad i had only my king and my opponent had 5 pawns 2 rooks a knight and a biship. But, i know never to resign, so i managed to walk my king to the other end othe board. He promoted a pawn, and that put me in a Stalemate. Only lost 1 elo for the worst played game of my life

  15. The first one is fake cuz he did the second

  16. I mean sorry if I’m being stupid but isn’t number 1 the same as number 2? If black really didn’t want to draw couldn’t they just sack the bishop?

  17. 6# your time ran out, but the opponent has insufficient material to win

  18. Stalemate should be a win and I will die on this hill

  19. Except perpetual check is not its own rule, it is just the 3 fold repetition rule, (or 50 move rule in some extreme case).

  20. Theres one left, if u are winning but your flag falls and your oponent has insuficient material to checkmate, its a tie

  21. There is also a 6th chess rule for Draw , according to which if "if your opponent has insufficient mating material when you run out of time, the game is scored as a draw and vice versa "

  22. "And your favorite……. Stalemate"

  23. I kinda wish stalemating wasn’t a thing. But I understand why it is

  24. If time runs out for both players and they won't realise who lost time frist this is a draw

  25. Your favourite stalemate. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤😂🎉😢😮😮😅😅😊

  26. There is another way that if your opponent has no pieces left and your timer runs out (or they flag you coz you are so bad) Its a draw

  27. I remember the time i convinced a bro he couldn't checkmate me with king +rook.

  28. If a player dies on the board, the game is also a tie

  29. my dumbass would find 75 move rule draw and insufficient material vs time out

  30. You might forgot the Fortress, in case the fortress-iness is from both players view, meaning an dead position.

  31. Also if you lose on time but your opponent has no material left

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