5 Year Old Wins Her FIRST Ever Chess Game! #shorts

The Joy of Winning for the First Time! ❤️

Video: ChessBase India

#Chess #ChessBaseIndia #magnuscarlsen #magnus #hikarunakamura #worldchampionship #chessgame #shorts #chessgame #chessshorts #checkmate
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  1. first time seeing someone accepts the lose

  2. Her face was exactly my first tourney match win at 7

  3. That head shake was the cutest think I saw todya

  4. Ok is it just me or she looks like Alexandra botz

  5. Her opponent's reaction was pretty sweet as well. Chess is superb for kids.

  6. How can I get there I know how to play chess I'm 11years old

  7. At the age of 5 she plays better than me who is at the age of 11 😭😭😭

  8. Me at the age of 14 already gotten like 60 checkmates

  9. alternate ending Girl beaten by a 5 year old

  10. At first she really did wasted her time by moving the king she could have played better btw I also love chess since the age of 5.

  11. Somebody plzz help me in learning chess

  12. The moving of those pieces so cute! ❤

  13. Bruh I dont think that's the first time that she wins a game

  14. She right there might be the next youngest gm

  15. People who thinks she could become a world champion

  16. and i am still hanging my queen on move 4 😢😢

  17. Me at age 5: "this sand tastes like poop"

  18. Bro did the ukl ulk ulk ulk ulk ulkurarara opening

  19. alright little tucker now explain quantum mechanics in layman's terms

  20. The future of India. Its brighter than Venus

  21. They said Cricket is a Gentleman's game. But I would say Chess is actually the Gentleman's game.

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