6 Best Chess Opening Traps after 1.e4 (Kasparov & Anand were tricked!!)

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shows you the 6 powerful chess opening traps after 1.e4. And most importantly, even if your opponent is aware of these traps and doesn’t fall for them, you won’t damage your position, and you can just continue playing a normal game.

Igor starts with some of the simple traps, and then digs deeper into some really cool ones. Some of these traps are so cool that even the world champions Vishy Anand and Garry Kasparov were tricked by them!

Which was your favourite trap(s) from these six? Have you ever used them in your games before? Write in the comments below and let us know. 🙂

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  1. These traps are just super to increase your tactical play.Thanks, need to keep these by converting them to notation and then revise them over and over again.

  2. What if Q gives check on h4 instead of bring ING out the KN. Black can then go a pawn up

  3. thank you so much these are so beautiful

  4. thank you they are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love e4 ,my favorite opening by a landslide over every other opening the sharp play suits me perfectly

  5. Your speach well. Why are you write on board. It is irritating. Please avoid this.

  6. I really don't get resigning on move 6. You're playing a human so anything could happen. The other guy could make a serious blunder later in the game. I play like a pilot. He flies the plane all the way till he crashes and burns. He never stops trying to get out of the spin.

  7. ..
    Now I wanna mate someone…. Ahahahaha

  8. For the second trap shown,
    1 e4 e5
    2 Nf3 Nc66 . .
    3 Be2 Bc5?
    4 Nxe5 NxNe5
    5 d4 . . .

    5 . . . Bxd4
    6 QxBd4

    Rather then the loosing pawn move analyzed at this point in the game, why can't Black simply play 6 . . . Qf3
    This threatens a Knight check by Black uncovering an attack to Whites unprotected Queen.
    Pretty sure White can deal with this, but not in any way that can cause Black significant worries
    so the opening trap gets defused and play can proceed with near equality. Am low rated so certainly
    could be missing something and if so, would love to be enlightened by superior analysis of this
    proposed move. Thanks for all your excellent chess tutorials GM Smirnov, they are always
    informative and fun!

  9. In Anand's game.. why can't black just go for pawn to d5 ?

  10. What if black protects the night with the queen insteady of d6

  11. That is great , thank you Igor 🌹🌹🌹

  12. The trap at 16:36 can't fully work if black plays pawn g6 because once queen takes g6 pawn, queen is no longer in the 5th rank to protect bishop a5 right?

  13. @19:51 is bishop to c5 threatening check mate a good move?instead of moving pawn.

  14. the second trap cant get the rook coz it will move the queen to make qxq and if white takes the queen knight takes queen. then the white advantage of 1 pawn but black still manageable…..

  15. Cant believe Anand got into that clear trap… seems like so amateur.

  16. 8:14 what instead of Nf6, black gives queen check and grab white centre pawn?

  17. One of my favorite things about these vids is hearing Igor say the word “pin”. Chess advice seems more significant from someone with a cool accent lol.

  18. 16:18

    Qh5 – g6
    Bd3xg6+ – Kd8
    Bd2 to a5 attacking the pinned queen – Qb6xa5
    Qh5xQa5 – Nd7 to d6 blocking the check (but we won the black queen!)

  19. Thanks for a great video!

    8:01 What about blacks Qh4+? Only way to save the e4 pawn would be Ke3, which looks awkward. Or am I missing something?

  20. Maybe consider a video of the top 5 traps Magnus has succumbed to. Maybe 5 is too high. Three? Ok damn it…one.

  21. I look forward to trying this approach as black next time I am faced with the annoying opening from white. Hey, thanks entirely to your videos I managed to get to 1100 this week, having been in the 950-1000 range until recently. It's more difficult now, better players, but I don't care, I am enjoying the games more, so I thank you for your great channel.

  22. Anand didn't fall into the trap necessarily due to not noticing it, he assumed that due to the same line leading to a draw in a game by Miles and Christiansen, that it must be safe, but actually that game was a prearranged draw, and Miles saw the winning move, but didn't play it to honor the prearranged draw (which was against the rules of course). Anand thought it was safe since Miles didn't get any advantage out of the position, but neither player was playing for advantage.

  23. Qh5+ g6. Bxg6+ Kd8. Ba5+ wins the Queen (Qxa5. Qxa5)

  24. it's amazing how easy he makes it look

  25. Great way to start the new year…tips and tactics from GM Smirnov !

  26. Igor, do you have a good response for Black in the Scotch Game?

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