7 Best Chess Opening Traps for BLITZ and BULLET

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 7 best chess opening traps for blitz and bullet chess games. It’s no doubt that the pandemic in 2020 has led to thousands (perhaps even millions) of more players playing online chess. And a majority of these players play blitz and bullet chess games.

Additionally, when we looked at the games played in the top online chess platforms, we noticed that thousands of players play these moves and are likely to fall into these traps (including the top rated players).

After watching the video lesson, please share your thoughts about these traps in the comments below. Let us know if you have already used them in your online games. 😊

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  1. Your last strategy could flop in multiple ways

  2. The trap in the London system gives white a strong attack…

  3. amazing content, i am watching you from Nairobi,Kenya

  4. i had seen all but the last one before. definatly a cool one

  5. Hi Igor , Thank you for your video and I like the way u explain various lines. However I have played first trap in many games it was initially showed by Eric Rosen, the only drawback in this is that though u win the white bishop but it exposes black king big time and some time it becomes difficult to defend if you r playing against a strong player and u r not able castle long. Also I would like to ask in last trap if Black plays g6 what would be the right continuation..

  6. I have lost my queen twice in the englund Gambit but I won both games 😎

  7. Thanks for sharing. Another wonderful lesson

  8. Every upload is like a chess classroom

  9. @12:05 how does the white queen escape after Qxrook and black knight moves to C6?

  10. Nice video and great content, I would like to ask what specific software are you using in the video let's say @03:00 to show the most played moves, thanks a lot

  11. thanks for the gambits and tricks bro, ill keep supporting you.

  12. Dr Nykterstein is Magnus Carlson. so did he win that game or loose it?

  13. Excellent sir! Very very instructive and useful stuff. Thank you

  14. bull shit this video why sjhow the words of English letter it s useless I cannot she piesa of chess please remove the letter show in side the chessbaoard

  15. Most people play proper Sicilian or e4 e5….make video on that

  16. 7:53 couldn't black just go knight d3 and win the Queen?

  17. Master thank you very much..i won the game a lot….

  18. When im practice, my opponent trap me back 🙁

  19. I think one big disadvantage of countering the London system as per your suggestion, makes the king vulnerable to attak from the queen which could be dangerous.

  20. Thanks for showing us all those traps but it would have also been great to show ways to counter attack the traps…

  21. That queen captures Rook but after queen get trapped not shown further

  22. I love the seven move check mate at the end… It's sweet

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