7 MOST COMMON Chess Mistakes

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You are making these 7 mistakes if you are a beginner or intermediate player. Fix it now!
0:00 Intro
0:42 Mistake 1: Trading
6:42 Mistake 2: Fake Training
10:21 Mistake 3: One-Movers
17:41 Mistake 4: Same Errors
22:19 Mistake 5: Time Management
29:27 Mistake 6: Selfish Brain

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  1. I like to close my eyes and pretend it’s actually Captain Kirk giving me a chess lesson

  2. I don't tilt because I suck and I know it and I have fun with chess no matter what

  3. Damn! This really turned into a life lesson. Loving it!

  4. Thank you so much Chess you've helped me become a better player and really dig my interest in chess thank you so much!

  5. Very helpful, especially the last one, and one movers.

  6. "The best chess players know the moves for both sides" This hit me in my soul

  7. Levy- *scolding me because of my mistakes*
    Me- if only mother scold me like that and not send me to heaven

  8. Im just trying to learn chess to win against my dad so i get money 😿

  9. With fake training, your a pretty wise man. 👌👍

  10. I am absolutely not guilty of that ELO tanking and bailing thing…

  11. Lol y’all paid for courses and didn’t consume it all. 😂 y’all different

  12. I don’t chess. I was playing against a level 300 ai and accidentally checkmated him. I was just going for a check

  13. Like for the shirt tbh. But the rest of the video was good too lol

  14. You always have good advice and tips that improve my game.

  15. I've been playing Advance Wars recently and I always get paranoid about the enemy's range (I check it all the time) and I think the advice about drawing arrows is really good because you'll blunder much less

  16. My conclusion after watching this video:
    I don't know Chess 😂

    I kept laughing at myself so much.

    I'll check your courses.

  17. maaan before every play you gaved us as an example i stop the video and think about the best move and the movei pick is always the one that you tell us to avoid it . i need a lot of training . but levy i really love u and appreciate what are you doing.❤❤❤🙏🙏

  18. I feel like I learnt a lot from this video.

  19. Ive never really enjoyed chess until your videos. I never really considered that chess is a game of tactics, now im actually thinking ahead and, of course, still hanging pieces from time to time ect, but im actually having FUN now. thanks 🙂

  20. My heart sank when you started talking about fake training

  21. And it’s important to not move the f pawn

  22. During the first mistake part I verbally said “ew no why”

  23. Bro the tilting advice is golden. I am a huge tilter in all of my hobbies, if I'm not doing great, I get extremely stubborn and just try again and again with degrading focus and just end backtracking. Applies to weightlifting, speed cubing, music practice, video games, and now chess (new to me).

  24. After I watch this video they will have to create a category after grand master just for me

  25. Anyone else get called out by 2+ of these

  26. I was looking at f6 and then i heard levy saying "if you play f6 i take your king GG" xd

  27. Your "Fake Training" segment reminded me of the common practice of people, who are taking prescribed antibiotics when they're sick, to stop taking the antibiotics as soon as they start feeling better. Complete the full course! By failing to do so, you could experience a relapse of infection or develop antibiotic resistance.

    If you do not complete a full chess course just because you experienced some quick wins with the new system (The Vienna Game in your example), one may never fully understand all the nuances of the opening and then start experiencing losses that they'll never fully understand.

  28. I have the worst tunnel vision.
    I know all of this and practice it frequently.. My big problem is I get tunnel vision and forget the stupidest things randomly 🤦‍♂️🤣


    proof that context matters.

  30. Thanks for helping now I will have a higher chance of winning

  31. Ok on point 2: how can one stop fake training with tactics for example?

  32. My whole recommendations are filled with Levy and the fun thing's that i DONT want to miss any of it. Even if it's too much

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