7 Most Successful Gambits

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These chess gambits will show up in the King’s Gambit, Elephant Gambit, Alekhine’s Defense, Caro-Kann, Italian Game, and Vienna Game. You will win a lot of easy games if your opponents fall into these gambits, so pay attention!

The gambits in this video are:
1) Elephant Gambit – Wasp Variation
2) Triple Muzio Gambit
3) Fried Liver Attack
4) Silberschmidt Gambit
5) Matsukevich Gambit
6) Meitner-Mieses Gambit
7) Landau Gambit

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – New patron shoutout!
1:18 – Gambit 1 (61% Win Rate)
3:13 – Gambit 2 (62% Win Rate)
6:40 – Gambit 3 (68% Win Rate)
8:06 – Gambit 4 (66% Win Rate)
10:39 – Gambit 5 (66% Win Rate)
14:16 – Gambit 6 (69% Win Rate)
17:18 – Gambit 7 (86% Win Rate)

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  1. in 5:43 i can take your bishop with my pawn , you will take my queen with your queen , than i will take your queen with my knight??????

  2. 12:02 Umm I don’t get it. Why didn’t they just move the pawn in h6? Because I once did that move (dg5) and they did the move h6 so I had to move the bishop on h4 (to continue pinning the queen) then they move another pawn to g5 that is why I had to move my bishop to g3 which means I’m not pinning the queen anymore then the game goes on (Excuse my English and I’m still a beginner that’s why I don’t get why dxe5 is better than h6)

  3. It is actually the quadruple muzio gambit because when he forked black could take with the bishop

  4. 5:10 please help me understand what happens if the black pawn takes the bishop?

  5. 9:45 knight takes and forks the bishop and the rook and king cant take its pretected by the bishop. and after black moves rf8 then knight takes bishop and then queen takes knight and u have desstroyed whites plan
    of checkmate

  6. video at 6.00 minutes…Ne5+ is blunder from white side, black can take ..Bxd6..please verify

  7. Would you make a collaboration video with Eric Rosen for some Gambits? That would be a dope video I think

  8. 13:40 black can move the pawn from I7 to I6 so if you move the bishops from I1 to C4 ,black can move the pawn from e7 to e6 and they defend everythink and your king will be expose

  9. I enjoy your videos. What's your lichess name? Wanna play?

  10. d3 would allow black to trap the knight with d6. rather the line is d4 then f3 9:17

  11. Hi where are you from? i like your videos. Wanna play on lichess? What's your name there?

  12. Why did you not mention Danish gambit and Scotch Gambit? What are their flaws?

  13. Can anyone help? Last two moves in the last gambit. "And of course you have to take with the queen not the bishop…" What happens if you take with the bishop first? I don't see it. Please and thank you.

  14. I've tried to play the first one dozens of times. It NEVER comes up

  15. NELSON LOPEZ is above the rest!! 10 out of 10 or a perfect 10!! Idea, presentation, clearness etc… all the best!! So deserves a HUGE THANK YOU!!!

  16. 12:28 shouldn'tn't pawn to f3 be the best move for Black!? It's the most common I bet

  17. Love your videos. Why have you been away from OTB for so long ?

  18. When you realise: your opponent has probably watched this already.

  19. I like the content I really do, but i dont honestly see someone protect a pawn with a bishop for so long at 12:51. I think the most reasonable response would be for bishop to move out of c8 and move to e6. it provides an attack on your queen while being protected by a pawn, they are either forced to move queen or trade the queens and make the game last longer.

  20. 18:19 he can actually go on one of those squares G4 as when you take it with your queen he has his bishop backing it so it would be a big sacrifice…

  21. Why you in my recommendation bro i dont even play chess
    This if goofy ahhhhhhhh

  22. i think the elephant gambit's worth a try but the second one… can't white's knight be captured on d6 by the bishop?

  23. In fried liver there's a nice counter play for black: When white plays Ng5, black responds with Bc5

  24. dude right before this vid i cot an ad about a guy named john chess (inventor of chess (not reallt i dont think)and our new stepdad)

  25. 5:44 Black can just capture the bishop with a pawn after white moves the knight, making the whole gambit useless

  26. Gambit 2, 05:20 black queen could easily get the pawn on B2 and if knight moves; she could easily get 2 pawns for free or the knight & if the knight didn't move; of course you will get the rook on A1 & move to F7 or F6 yet you have many other moves to play.

  27. Guys, who can explain, which chess base using here?

  28. In gambit 5, a simple pawn H6 kicks out the bishop, which if bishop backdown, can be followed by G5

  29. What happends in elephant gambit if white pon g2 moved to g3?

  30. I dont understand why at 9:55 the white dont make a fork with his knight ans finally Taken thé Queen

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