8 TERRIBLE Chess Openings (According To Stockfish)

Why are these openings so bad? Learn how to take advantage of these opening mistakes!

0:00 – Intro
0:02 – Guatemala Defense
2:21 – Paris Gambit
5:16 – Zaire Defense
7:39 – Troon Gambit
10:34 – Medusa Gambit
12:37 – Hartlaub Gambit Accepted
14:48 – Pachman Gambit
16:54 – Carrera Gambit

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  1. Your channel must be doing well because I get the most annoying ads while watching your videos. It's worth it though because you have the most meaningful content that can be applied to our games 👍

  2. Alt title : how to play against The most unknown gambits

  3. 17:02 I think the Carrera Gambit can be a very powerful opening at lower elo.

    The idea is almost identical to e4 e5 qa5 (the king's pawn opening, wayward queen attack), where low elo opponents might try to kick the queen with a pawn move and lose their rook as a result.

    People who have already been hit by the wayward queen attack might not recognise the pattern because the queen isn't directly attacking a pawn this time.

  4. Guatemala defence is the best way to show disrespect.

  5. Good video. Pachman gambit is very similar to Matinovsky gambit.

  6. I like these videos about terrible moves a lot. I think I learn far more from Nelson explaining why a move is bad than by Nelson explaining why a move is good. Great content.

  7. I've stuck with you for a couple of months now and I'm enjoying the content more and more. You're improving, lad.

  8. I've started to grow fond of starting with the Hartlaub gambit but bailing after the bishop for more efficient moves.

  9. Budapest gambit is also terrible..
    c4 e5 d4 Nf6

  10. Hard to believe these have earned recorded names. Maybe I can become famous and invent a "gambit" that gives the opponent a 10 point advantage – or even checkmate! – in the opening. (The Dunce Gambit?)

  11. There's this terrible one, too…
    Evans Gambit: Fontaine Counter-Gambit
    1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 b5
    Stockfish eval: +2.1

  12. my stockfish evaluation guesses are getting better 😀

  13. I mean, my opinion doesn't count but says:

    I like that this vid starts immediately without unnecessary talking

  14. 17:00 Careful. The Carrera gambit has numerous traps including the g6 trap and the delayed Scholar's mate.

    18:00 It also brought to my attention that if black is not careful, white can have nasty attacks if the bishop and the queen attacks f6 once it pushes the pawn to kick out the knight.

  15. If your opening says Guautemala defense you already know youre in trouble. 😁😁

  16. Actually, the worst opening for Black is "C40 King's Pawn Game: Damiano Defense, Damiano Gambit" which give White +7. I accidently played this, at first I though it was a blunder. Turn out it's actually an opening in opening book lol

  17. Yesterday an opponent played the worst opening i've ever seen. e4-f6, d4-g5 allowing me Qh5#. Still wondering what his deal was, is there even a worse opening out there?

  18. 11:06 basically black sacrifices a pawn so you play a trompowsky opening…

  19. I find it amusing that Stockfish is recommending exactly the sort of moves I was taught as a child – just develop your pieces…

  20. Conclusion:
    Don’t play openings that create problems, even if there’s smart ways to get rid of that specific problem

  21. 7:54 If you're going to play the Borg Defence, have the decency to defend the g-pawn with f6!

  22. In paris gambit you forgot to mention that in all the pressure white's still down a pawn

  23. I must confess, I find Stockfish's evaluations rather extreme. I really don't think the positions are the equivalent of being a piece down!

  24. Drinking game: take a shot every time he says "develop your pieces"

  25. Please make a video covering the Packman Wing Gambit 🙏🙏🙏

  26. Drinking game: take a shot every time he says “alright if you had a chance to look at that”

  27. All this video did was make me wish i was good enough at chess to play these dubious openings 😀

  28. I dont go with you are you crazy it was minutes video…..

  29. What's worse than the Guatemala Defense? The Guatapeor Defense.

  30. Finally, i can play Pac-Man on a chess board

  31. I think even the dumbest beginners can know what's wrong with Zaire defense, black has wasted 4 moves at the start

  32. This is all so ridiculous and my evolution is +5 or minus -5

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