8 TERRIBLE Chess Openings (According To Stockfish)

Why are these openings so bad? Learn how to take advantage of these opening mistakes!

0:00 – Intro
0:02 – Guatemala Defense
2:21 – Paris Gambit
5:16 – Zaire Defense
7:39 – Troon Gambit
10:34 – Medusa Gambit
12:37 – Hartlaub Gambit Accepted
14:48 – Pachman Gambit
16:54 – Carrera Gambit

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  1. 1st opening my guess was +2 (i did not even know that opening) and it was +2.4 i was like deym

  2. 10:54 My first otb chess game in college I actually ran into the Medusa gambit and stockfish said +2.9 agatinst a gambler and I just took the pawn and went on to refute this unsound gambit!!

  3. What about the Noa gambit? Unlike the openings presented in the video, it has been played even by some strong players. Although, it gives black an advantage of around -1,7 for black, and at the master level, black won 88% of the games

  4. Man I play the nimzo – larsen and sometimes go into these weird f4 lines. Usually when the f8 bishop moves

  5. I always play the Carrera Gambit. Either my opponent doesn't realize, or I'm just good?

  6. So, Bongcloud is not in this list. I can play Bongcloud whole day now.

  7. The names of those are kinda weird…

  8. There’s a book move checkmate… that should be the worst opening right? (Blackbourne shilling gambit)

  9. Hahaha! He says 2.7 for white but his face bottom says 2.4

  10. Worse openings:The Ebola defenceBig Bob’s moveThe new Ghana Gambino GambitTommy Wiseaux’s The TradeScreaming Johnny’s Board Flip

  11. For the first one i guessed white had a 2.7 advantage

  12. you are a really good teacher, and your video's are very relaxing and chill, you helped me recover from a mental breakdown with just watching this video, i wish more teachers were like you

  13. how can you castle when your king was already checked? last gambit wrong

  14. 3:15 actually as black ı would play f3 he has to take with g pawn or move knight if whlte take with g pawn then quenn h4 is a good 5 move checkmate

  15. Hey chess wibes can you make these chess quiz videos like more i am watching the old ones but i am kinda running out of them they are really cool

  16. Before watching the video, I already know it’s gonna be good.

  17. My dad loves one of those gambits and it has been working. Can't wait to destroy him next time.

  18. My friend, please stop dancing with the pieces when you are moving them, it is getting so irritating, that makes me want to unsubscribe, despite of the fact that I like your lessons and have been recommending your channel, PLEASE MOVE THE PIECES IN THE SIMPLE MANNER, NO DANCING KNIGHTS, POWNS and …… , THANK YOU

  19. A knight on the rim is grim? In german it goes: "Springer am Rand bringt Kummer und Schand!" (Roughly translated: Knight on the rim brings grief and shame). Finally I got to learn the english version, thanks! 😀

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