9-Year-Old Boy Defeats A Professional Chess Streamer

Kids these days are really good at chess… Andrea experienced it herself at the London chess shop. Drop a like and tell us in the comments if you have ever lost to an opponent as young as the boy in the video!
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  1. Imagine a man acted like this with a 9yr old girl

  2. She started taking it less serious when she realized that she wasn't gonna win. Nice strategy. Now you can say ' I wasn't even trying '

  3. So where is the Professional Chess Streamer that the title is suggesting about? 🤣

  4. start of the match: “we’re gonna take this seriously” realizes she’s gonna loose: “shouldn’t have been so relaxed” 🙄🙄

  5. No one noticed John Oliver sitting next to Andrea? 😹😹😹

  6. I was just waiting to see this professional chess streamer you were talking about 😆

  7. Shouldnt have underestimated this kid and focus instead of talking most of the game

  8. Andrea, stop throwing. I've seen you "locked in" and you are eeaaasillly a 2000+ player. I feel like you throw alot on purpose.

  9. Don’t worry, your not the only one who lost to a 4th grader in chess. 😐

  10. It's funny how the girl stop to talk once she lost her queen, and the face of guys laughing on the back too ! 😃😃🤠

  11. To clarify: She didn't lose to a 9 year old. She lost to a 9 year old and his dad or some other adult. He gave it away – I saw him look up at someone (like his dad) to get approval before doing a move. In my book, you do that once, and you're cheating. This is why adults are never allowed around a real game. She never should've applied the touch rule when all the other rules weren't being followed.

  12. Professional Chess Streamer isn´t same like professional Chess player. The mistakes on her side was very visible during game. Maybe she wanna lose.

  13. not a fair game. she was much serious and made a bad move…

  14. I defeated my mom in chess in only in 2 moves. In online chess I am in the 800s to 900s

  15. Not hating on the kid. But dad shouldn’t be behind the opponent, as I seen the kid look at him for confirmation. Watch it again if you wish.

  16. bro i watched the whole vid and im still trying to find the Professional 🙃

  17. a man that changed his name over 2 years says:

    i defeated my brother who loves chess in two moves.

    was happy and renatch

  18. Talking too much while playing chess is bouring 😴

  19. As both a career blunderer and excuse maker, I respect Andrea's reaction after she gave away her queen. She blundered and without hesitation immediately (yet casually) alluded to there being some ambiguity about agreeing to the rules of moving a chess piece and proceeded to "give you my queen" as if she was doing him a favor. When I blunder I usually go with a rapid onset of some medical condition (symptoms always include dizziness, confusion, and the need to lay down somewhere away from the chess board), or I glance at my phone and announce I just received a message that my grandma passed away again or if I'm feeling really lazy I'll just happen to trip in the direction of the chess board and send all the pieces flying.
    But this, this is some top notch chess PR damage control on her part, bravo. I never thought about portraying my blunder as an act of charity for my opponent.
    Mockery aside, she appears to be a decent player, she's attractive (not that that's relevant…), and she seems like a kind person so I'm routing for her to obliterate the next child she plays.

  20. Girl (after Queen Capture): "I didn't see it…😃"

  21. Do you lose on purpose? It is good content, and even if you don't the smile on the kids' faces for 2 of the videos that I watched was worth it. You are amazing my lady! God bless you ☺️

  22. i hate when the "pro" players begin the game with asking the opponent rank.

  23. He doesn't have anything to think about a day long. He doesn't have a normal life like other people.

  24. i would be way to distracted by her presence to think about trying to play chess while sitting across from a grill as beautiful as her. Literally, intelligent, respectful, successful, beautiful. THE PACKAGE DEAL. whoever marries her is a very lucky man.

  25. The guy in the back was the best bro . The 9 year old was definitely focus.

  26. The hypocrite always gets quiet when they start to lose.

  27. The kid is totally unphased by his opponent'sdrop-dead gorgeousness.
    Thar will change.

  28. To be fair, she's the inferior version of the sisters. 😆

  29. She won't shut the fuck up, she touches and tries to back track, then when in trouble she shuts up and focuses.
    Who ever needs to clarify touching is moving?

  30. 4:30 Can someone pls explain me why did she sacrifice her Queen for absolutely no reason?🙏🏻

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