A Beginner Opening Lesson | Chess Openings Explained

National Master Jim McLaughlin takes us through a few games that share similar openings. He points out how the move order and small differences can lead to an advantage for either side.



  1. what is the book that he is talking about at 21.33?

  2. I'm not a beginner (played local league chess for a club in past) but I still found Jim's explanation interesting! I like the football / goals slip πŸ™‚ I never played Italian game as I wanted something that avoided symmetry but it's interesting to see the counter-attacking resources.

  3. Fascinating. I wish I learned this long before.

  4. Sound is crashed for headphones I have headphones and the sound only come from my left

  5. At 23:10 actually you can't move the king to g1 since the black Bishop is sitting on f2 so your only move is queen to d3 and black wins the white queen! πŸ˜„

  6. Why do they still use this terrible opening music?

  7. 12:00 When the white pawn in e5 threatens the Knight on f6, why not moving the Black Queen to e7? It pins the pawn, and gains tempo for the king casteling queen side.

  8. How is this dude a chess master? He cannot even tell his left shoe from a right one lol. With all respect, this guy has NO FUCKING CLUE on teaching ANYTHING, especially chess. Maybe is is a really really decent chess player (and he definitely is, provided he has a title of a Master). But he is als o an old FUCKING PRICK that has no idea about what education is. Like… EVERYONE, including even mike kummer, has more skills in education. Pls, like give this dude a break before someone dies out of boredom on these lectures. I dont like some of your teachers, but this guy is like a peak of being a bad teacher. Outruns kummer and akobian by a mile (yeah, i put akobian in the same group of horrible teachers – he is a great player, but cannot talk about chess with any amount of interest or explain any single thing – he can only tell "this is liek that because theory says so, end of story, ok?". Buuu. Big boo.

  9. Regarding audio For people on Windows -> Settings -> Ease of access -> audio (under hearing) -> enable Mono audio. – You can always disable it again after the video

  10. White Castles? Great, now i'm hungry. πŸ˜›

  11. Oh thanks a lot great video I come to learn something and it starts in the middle of the video,sucksπŸ€₯

  12. If you're on mac when this happen go to preferences > accessibility > audio > play stereo as mono

  13. I think he has a breathing problem. I'm really worried about him…

  14. This is the most beautiful chess opening lecture ever heard. Well explained. No need to memorize the moves blindly.

  15. at 17:23 says there are no other threats black can make
    what about A6 putting the threat back on whites bishop

  16. How is black castled and the black bishop is still on c8? When white bishop checks, what black uses to block the check? not clear…

  17. So good chess lesson!! the only problem is the camera goes i and out of focus again and again and it hurts my eyes…..

  18. Best intro to chess I've come across. Full explanations. And this is after spending the last six weeks obsessively learning chess.

  19. I watched this video about six months ago, and thought it was one of the best beginner's opening lesson I'd ever seen. Watching it again– it IS brilliant.
    Thank you SLCC!

  20. Isn't 6:55 Giuoco Piano, and Italian Game is after white played Bc4?

  21. You know it's kind of strange. I've always felt like I was a strong chess player but I seem to lose much more than win. I think this video helped me understand what I was doing wrong. Thank you.

  22. If I would have seen this first before all the other teaching's I watched I would have been better off.

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