A Mind-blowing Trap | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick in the Dutch Defense to Trap & Checkmate the black king in just 8 Moves.
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  1. Bullshit move…can't even beat the cpu on East level with this

  2. This kid in my 4th grade used to destroy me at chess… ffw a few thousand days I play a guy a game, and I win! Having no idea where this puts me on the scale of life. I had placed myself as far as brains go, on this spot, in part because I was 0 for 25 playing chess against the same kid. He was in all the advanced classes in high school and easily considered the smartest kid in our school. Jewish, his father used to come down to the school and point out all the things that bothered him and changes were made at his request. Last name Lenz. Okay Okay so I play chess with another person. I end up going like 50-0 so far, feeling like I wonder what would happen if I played my old buddy, he would probably say oh I'm so rusty then beat me in 3 moves. In fact he did beat me a few times in this way and I remember just looking at the board, dumbfounded how another 9 year old could just bury me whenever he felt like it. Maybe if I could just get past the first 7 moves or so I could find myself having a plan in mind that presented itself. Then I realized that the difference between now and then wasn't entirely that he was naturally smarter than myself but on top of that he was just more prepared fundamentally, strategically, experience wise and with as many hours learning, I may have not only been able to hold my ground but be a step ahead of him. Chess is like that and I didn't really appreciate that in those losses to him, without having any instructional time i had valuable experience over them. And most of them were girls and I have one rule in life, never and I mean never, let a woman beat you at any game that involves strategy and thinking. Sexist much? Yes, very.

  3. Erm, Why not just let the bishop attack then if the rook takes, Get the queen in there and threaten him. He'll be forced to do the same thing but at least you get to save your queen.

  4. OK I would not play the f pawn nin the first move

  5. I do like this from a purely theoretical perspective, but nobody that knows anything about chess would start chasing the Bishop around the board with the pawns that are supposed to be used for the castle! This is almost as ridiculous as the two move checkmate where Black checkmates White! White has to literally cooperate with Black by first moving the King's Bishop's pawn, then Black opens up the Queen diagonal by moving the King's Pawn, then White helps further by moving the King's Knight's Pawn two spaces, and then the Black Queen is able to checkmate after only two moves. Who would allow that!? I wouldn't even want to tell anyone that I won that way because it is like taking candy from a baby! Who would brag about that!?

  6. Brilliant player will not choose to promote king side pawnsπŸ˜‚

  7. Only stupid people will move the f5 as opening

  8. but pan not move . night movie When and how we play

  9. I love the way you teach the moves al along with the possibilities that could occurred

  10. Hahaha, Stunning checkmate, really. More like wtf checkmate you blundered

  11. Anyone opening with f5 is inviting angel of death on his doorstep 🀣

  12. The cunning move to e3 🀯πŸ₯Έ

  13. this works only in learning puzzles ,and not in actual game
    bcoz, a good player never opens kings diagonal

  14. how about if he uses horse to f6 then our trap wont work

  15. thanks bro your video are mindblowing trap πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  16. Chess explained with an Indian accent sounds so cool.

  17. Why youtube randomly suggest chess videos… Is this a sign that I should prepare for my school upcoming inteamurals 🀧. It's been years since I compete.

  18. Pretty interesting. But this does rely on an unlikely Rh6 blunder when a more sensible move would probably just be d6

  19. What if he/she does not put the rook on H6 but instead he/she uses horse to H6?

  20. De Cunning moov was countered by de Stunning moov!

  21. If black decides to move pawn to e5/e6 or d5/d6 you would lose the bishop!

  22. If the black player is not move bishop g 5 then what to do

  23. After e3 why doesn’t black play e6 no checmate then bishop is already trapped

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