Absolutely Brilliant Chess Opening Trap to win ROOK @BobbyBoJanglles

Absolutely Brilliant Chess Opening Trap to win ROOK

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  1. Did you know this trap is useless? This is the Damiano defense, amd its actually forced mate in less than 12 moves

  2. After queen h6 then bishop e2 sacs the queen then bishop h6 mate

  3. Cant you move the white bishop so it check mates the black king?

  4. bro why did he move Ke8 both the knight and bishop were already defended. Just play Bg7 to threaten queen

    Edit: ya'll don't understand haters 🥔

  6. Anytime my opponent tries this i let them take the rook and just trap the queen

  7. when he does that just move bishop to g7, threatening to take the queen, if he goes Qh7 then go d5 or d6 and queen is trapped

  8. I really love that song. It sounds disgusting

  9. Bro put bishop e2 and if they take queen then do bishop takes pawn checkmate

  10. But I would just move the king why would anyone give that free rock🤣

  11. guess what no one moves the f pawn to defend the e pawn. They'll probably just get the b knight out

  12. I got an insane trap pls review this
    It starts with e4 e5 knight f3 and then we do not protect the pawn, instead we go knight f6 attacking their pawn.
    If they capture, we play queen to e7 attacking the knight, if they move their knight back we take the pawn with knight and after their move, we play knight to c3 putting a discovered check on king and attacking the queen. The queen can do nothing even if it blocks the check, knight can take it

  13. U could've done scholars mate and not lose ur horse

  14. if king e7 then it’s basically a forced loss

  15. There is a much easier way to do that. E4 e5 qh5 and g6 is the same scenario. You don't need to sacrifice the knight

  16. You don’t have to sacrifice the knight…

  17. Actually this defense known as the “Damiano defense” has many ways to counter it and is pretty much a forced loss.

  18. U can do that without the sacrifice of the knight ♞

  19. it would have been mate in 1 if he puts the Bishop on c4

  20. Levy made a video about this. Black made the worst possible opening in chess. And the "brilliant" fork by the queen was just the wayward queen attack with extra steps. Not exactly brilliant. For beginners. Maybe.

  21. Requirements: Your opponent has to be a maximum of 300 elo

  22. Literally no point in sacrificing the knight, everybody knows what you're doing when you play this anyways

  23. If instead of taking the Rook you play bc4, d5, bxd5,qxd5,qxd5 ur winning the queen

  24. this video absolutely trash bro there's a million ways to defend it and when u play it Ur opponent is just gonna win a knight and u won't win their rook unless their 300 Elo🤔

  25. Pawn g6 is only move. King e7 is mate in one.

  26. Brahhhh wait, you did it wrong. That opening was a forced check mate why did you took the rook? You needed to bring up the bishop and then do some more moves. Watch Levi's. Video on the worst chess opening

  27. Bro that means your queen will be gone very soon in a few moves 💀 💀

  28. You don't even need 2 sacrifice your knight just move Queen 2h6

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