Aggressive Chess Openings | Speedrun Episode 53

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Beginner to Master Speedrun Playlist:

In this Beginner to Master Speedrun Series, I try to climb the rating ladder while providing lots of lessons about chess along the way. In this episode, I play 3 highly instructive chess games that feature some aggressive chess openings and lots of important lessons.

0:00 Free chess courses!
1:10 Two Knights Attack vs French Defense
9:39 Facing the Grand Prix Attack
23:19 Aggressive Scotch Opening, inspired by ChessMood!


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  1. 10 min game isn’t aggressive at all, it’s like a girls game

  2. Thank you for your work Eric. A calm and professional approach very much appreciated

  3. Hey… Just an FYI. I signed up for the free access to the ChessMood and for the last two days the website appears to be mostly down when I've tried to log in. You might want to check in with them to make sure they are all right.

  4. 2nd game conversion is too good and winning ❤️

  5. 2 weeks without a new speed run video and I'm starting to itch.

  6. I always shout "YES" when Eric uploads a new episode. <3

  7. CHessmood is very impressive…. and very nice promotion. Check out their mating videos (no pun iintended but ya know…). Honestly….i’m just a random viewer but the material is surprisingly good. Expensive but good. This promotion for a whole month…very nice.

  8. totally addicted to this series. thank you, man!

  9. Thank u so much for the free courses i appreciate your efforts

  10. “Sorry babe, gotta dip. Rosen just uploaded”

  11. Hello Eric let's goooo another episode thank you for this series i love it

  12. Eric's game review on this account:

    This is the Start Game opening. You've played this opening 165 times, with a 100% winrate

  13. I’m about to go into a meeting, dammit. Haha.

  14. You miss 6:12 Nf5 Rosen I saw it when you play Nxe6.
    And he has to play Bf8 the you cn take g7 with your e6 knight n d6 square fork queen n king

  15. No Latin revisions for the next hour, fortunately!

  16. The second game conversion from a positional advantage into a totally winning endgame is deeply impressive imo. Rosen's opponent didn't know what hit him until it was too late.

  17. Is the chessmood thing any good? Any one done that yet?

  18. After 53 episodes the only complaint that i have is… the videos aren't long enough D:

  19. Finally! I got so bored I restarted the series 😂

  20. Random question. What size do you make the board while playing?

  21. What is the rating goal for this speedrun? When does it end?

  22. Anybody else get irritated by these opponents just blitzing out moves like this…?
    Like, slow down and maybe THINK about what move to make.

  23. Hewwo can you show da chiropractor variation

  24. 34:30 this mate was incredible with your bishop pinning black's pawn on B5- and then taking the other pawn with the rook… just WOW congrats!!! I watch a lot of Kramnik games and I see many IM and FM beating him…I think you would beat him 9 times out of 10, you should go for the GM title someday

  25. All of these opponents playing blitz in a rapid game. I hate it so much, but it also satisfies me if they lose.

  26. Dawg you gotta help me break this losing streak

  27. Dude I get jacked when I see an episode you're the best

  28. Not something you see every day: black pinned from behind 😱

  29. Please consider doing recaps of the event. I highly enjoy your recaps on high level chess!

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