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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will present to you a revised and improved version of the Colle System chess opening, as a continuation to the past videos about the same opening. You will learn the simple-to-learn and most powerful variations from this opening along with some deadly traps.

The Colle System, as the name suggested, is an opening setup. Therefore, White’s moves are pretty standard: the center pawns are developed to 1.d4 2.Nf3 3.e3 4.Bd3 5.c3 and is usually continued with 6.Nbd2 and 7.0-0.

You will also learn when to make the e4 pawn break at the center and start a powerful kingside attack that checkmates the Black’s king.

► Chapters

00:00 Colle System Chess Opening
00:24 Why should you play the Colle System?
01:43 Line-1: If Black plays 6…Be7
02:34 e4 pawn-break at the perfect moment!
06:02 Line-2: If Black plays 6…Bd6
09:02 Line-3: If Black plays 3…Bg4

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  1. This is the best opening video at beginner level I found. Thanks a lot!

  2. Tried against computer and he puts pawns at d5 and f5, while I was building pyramid. It prevents me from moving pawn to e4 and screws up my development. Without e4, dark square bishop is out of the game. I lost quickly. Any advice?

  3. The drawback of this system is when the opponent castles queen side and all your attack is focused on the wrong side

  4. I love this opening. I also learned how to crush Englund Gambit. Pretty important for D4 players😅

  5. Lessgo ding played it in the world championship

  6. What would be a system for black to complete a repertoire with the colle for white?

  7. I just tried this opening and it helped me win so many games

  8. is it just me or does this look a lot like the london system without developing the queen bishop before p-e3?

  9. ► Chapters

    00:00 Colle System Chess Opening

    00:24 Why should you play the Colle System?

    01:43 Line-1: If Black plays 6…Be7

    02:34 e4 pawn-break at the perfect moment!

    06:02 Line-2: If Black plays 6…Bd6

    09:02 Line-3: If Black plays 3…Bg4

  10. I like when you say in the intro I am GM Igor 🔥

  11. Nice video! I'll try it out down the chess club later 🙂

  12. I love this system ive been using it for a half a year now, it has improved my game accuracy

  13. After you put your bishop on d3 what if black plays c4?

  14. When I feel Lazy: London System
    SuperLAZY: Colle System

  15. Oh wow, thanks for reminding me about the Colle! This was the first opening I used when I first got in to online chess. Will have to revisit this one 🙂

  16. Great content as always, but I would disagree about the Colle being the most underrated. That distinction IMHO should belong to the Richter-Veresov. The Veresov has always played 2nd fiddle to fashionable trendy openings like the Tromp or the latest rage the London. I've played it for decades and have enjoyed phenomenal success with it as most black players are not prepared and struggle to find the correct defense. It has had its GM proponents, but never enjoyed any popularity at the highest levels. Would greatly appreciate your insights on this opening.

  17. Mr.Igor can i sugest a speed run to demostrate it on pratic?

  18. great content, as always. I am thinking about playing this setup; however, I like the Colle-Zukertort a little more. By playing b3 you stop any annoying c5-c4 ideas (which would attack your white colored bishop) and on the next move you fianchetto the dark squared bishop. I would love to see a video about the Colle-Zukertort and perhaps a pro-con in comparison to the normal Colle setup. From my own analysis I have found that this does not work so well against a KID or any KID like setup like the Black Lion or the Pirc/Chech Pirc. I might be wrong here but could anyone suggest something for that (or disprove my analysis).

  19. but stockfish level 4 knows how to beat this

  20. Dude you rock. I’d pay you 100 for 3hrs of teaching

  21. Favorite opening as white by Rey Enigma!!

  22. Играю эту систему обычно против Nf6 и e6 у чёрных, очень солидный выхлоп, надежно.
    По видео – просьба, избавьтесь от этих спецэффектов, особенно звуковых. Смотрю обычно ночью, эти внезапные звуки заставляют подпрыгивать в тишине. Да и 3D ни к чему, думаю, в основном смотрят-то не дети, зачем все это.

  23. So like in the thumbnail you missed mate in 1 if I'm not mistaken…

  24. That's Rey Enigma's go to system with white 🙂

  25. Love the Colle system – thanks for the previous video on it too! You showed what to do against 3….Bg4 but what about 3…Bf5, which covers the development square for white’s bishop at the top of the pawn pyramid?

  26. I have only played e4 before, is there much difference in playing d4 openings in general?

  27. Can anyone tell me what is going in Russia-Ukraine war?

  28. I find opponents always take the head pawn…

  29. Black can cause heartburn with his opening move: e5. What do you do if you are white? Ignore that pawn and move Ng/f3 and black pushes to e4, which forces the white knight to move.

  30. I like this system. Could I see you feature the Torre Attack, also, please? This is another opening with a solid set up, but I don’t hear much about it these days. Thanks…

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