Anyone can DOMINATE: Best Openings

These are the best chess openings you can use to dominate in chess. The Evans Gambit, Caro-Kann Defense, Sicilian Defense, Scandinavian Defense and French Defense will help you coordinate a game of chess and win easily. Even beginners and intermediates can dominate in chess, if they just know the right opening moves. I made this Tier List by listening to Grandmasters, Masters and even Chess Engines.


  1. My favorite opening is the Tennison gambit, intercontinental ballistic missile variation

  2. Just learn Knight F3 Line lmao…welcome to the theory heavy Sicilian Defense 🙂

  3. If your gm or Im level then th Sicilian is better but below 2000 do the Caro-Kaan unless you have an iq of 120+ so Sicilian should be s tier in my opinion cause best if opening if your smart if your new Caro-kaan

  4. LOL Why does it seem like the author of this channel is one of the Chessbrah crew? I think Yaz would approve!

  5. I watched this video, got into my time machine, traveled back to 19th century Cuba where I taught it all to a 4 year old Capablanca and hey, look how he turned out!

  6. Sicilian najdorf is better than caro kann.

  7. I usually start with queen's gambit

  8. I play the jerome gambit. It follows the same first moves, but goes differemtly after. Note that in certain cases, if the opponent plays smart, your absolutely SCREWED

  9. Instead of B4 you can just take with knight and then push D pawn like Halloween gambit kind of except forking knight and bishop after the take.

    If bishop isn’t out on c5 but both knights are out you can do similar to Halloween gambit. If opponent develops pawn to defend their e pawn its a bit trickier but you have a good game.

  10. Caro Kann you want to also know kNight c3 variation…
    —shows f3

    😂 I don’t know if that’s on purpose or not but it feels personal since I don’t always say the right squares especially when I’m playing as black. Lol

  11. the black center game is fun to the point if white blunders their bishops you can take almost every piece on the board with a queen

  12. level god, Bong Cloud opening playing when you're drunk

  13. I play the scotch for white, Caro khan for black.

  14. Personally i think evans gambit is not S tier for the opening phase you have to play defensive and try to get better position. I would recommend London and Sicilian openenig

  15. Me after 100+ ep watched Top Chess, pyramid opening is za besttt

  16. My issue with the King's Indian Defence is that at my level my opponents seemingly ALWAYS play 2.Nc3, and I'm not looking to play the Pirc. Apparently 2…d5 is the best response, but it doesn't have a lot of learning material (or even a proper name, it's just a variation of the Queen's Pawn Opening)

  17. can u do something called the “Tennison Gambit”

  18. The opening that I find the best for white is the Réti Opening: Tennison Gambit Intercontinental Ballistic missile variation.

  19. When bro said 2 digit bullet player I literally laughed so hard that my father thought I went mad

  20. chesspage1, wouldnt the grand prix attack be better against c5 rather than the Nf3 variation?

  21. This channel should have more suscribers

  22. Could you talk faster- I’m falling asleep

  23. Great video but don't listen to him about sicilian defence with white. Just learn the alapin, it's worth it.

  24. DISGUSTED that you could name drop 2 chess celebs in Hikaru and Levy when discussing the Evans gambit, but not bring up the GOAT himself Agadmator, who was famously obsessed with the Evans Gambit before either of those two had even uploaded on YouTube

  25. question : what video editor do you use and also is it free?

  26. Statistics shows that the best and safest opening system for white is D4+C4+Nf3. It could be used against many black openings, including the reversed D5+C5+Nf6 system.

  27. Thank you for making this, with Evans Gambit (White) and Caro-Kann (Black) alone I was able to drag myself from 1300 to 1400 in just a single day, 15 wins, 6 losses, 2 draws.

  28. Btw, 2.Ke2 is not the worst move after 1.e4 e5. The worst move is 2.Ba6, simply blundering a bishop.

  29. Was using bongcloud during my time in 300 Blitz until 500, still use it from time to time today.

  30. Only talking about old man chess 😩 where do you rate the Modern Defense, or a 4 pawn blitz with a knight.

  31. The easiest and strongest e4 repertoire at intermediate is:
    1) Vienna against 1. e5
    2) Alapin against 1. c5 (which is actually the most common response to e4)
    3) The Nimzo variation against 1. e6 as most French players dont really know
    4) Fantasy Caro
    5) Main line Scandi
    6) 4 Pawns vs Alekhine
    7) Austrian attack vs Pirc
    These are the easiest to learn weapons, they avoid main lines while being reputable and securing easy wins against unprepared opponents. Avoid main lines at all cost, they require a lot of theory and general understanding of opening that you cannot have unless you really spend a fuckload of time

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