Basic Chess Openings Explained

I get a lot of questions about chess openings. In this video and the comments below, I’ll answer all of them! ASK AWAY BELOW!



  1. I started to learn chess on my own because I was bored and knew that many of my family members play chess competitively (yeah I wanted to belong ok)—but I'm 18 now and never got any interest in it before since many from my family is already better than me anyway. Last month, I started playing online and I was raking a few ranks after another and then I suddenly plummeted. When my grandfather heard about this, he offered to play against me and yes, I was obliterated and was told some things lol.

    I feel like things I figured out on my own are useless now and I kinda felt hopeless and embarrassed. Since it seems like I'm too late to catch up to the rest of them. But this might also be another 'me' problem as I am used to excelling in things that I try.

    All I can say is chess really REALLY humbled me.

    Your videos are helping me a lot, I don't really see myself playing it competitively but I wanted to learn to the extent of theory when I realized how beautiful this game is because of how you teach it. Thank you so much for your work! 💖👍

  2. I want to know a good opening for black when white opens with the Queens pawn d4.

  3. 2nd setup based opening is useless. 250 bot won me in 4-5 moves

  4. 1:15 wtf I just witnessed this set from my rival a few hours ago '-'

  5. Basically systems ( set ups) vs individual openings

  6. I played chess since I was a little and I rlly liked game but I only play it whit my grandad and dad, sometimes whit my brother, but I never new any opening strategies

  7. I know there's a very low chance that Levy ever sees this, but I'd love to see long form content that just briefly explains, let's say, the top 10-15 most popular openings and what to do against them. Would be great stream content, maybe a five part series, maybe just dropping a fat 90 minute VOD on the main channel. Would help out a lot so I don't have to go out of my way learning every opening out there, just see the general ideas of the most important openings to remember.

  8. I'm an 1800 on Lichess. I need to know as much as possible about the Smith Morra Gambit. Can you possibly post a video that includes as much information as possible? 🙂

    Keep up the great content, Gotham!

  9. This version of Levy is like a freshman during their first week of uni — current levy is like the college senior who just did ket before their final exams

  10. I'm so bad at chess mainly because of my memory, I had to rewatch the whole video 🙁

  11. Very helpful but I’m trying get better to beat my friend

  12. Totally out of context but I thought that your channel's name was "Goddamn Chess" for a long while😅

  13. Kings Indian isn’t working out so well for me

  14. Now…..if you could just slow all that down by ten I wouldn't have to watch 20 times and still dumber than when I started. I thought I had a good intermittent handle on chess…..slow ya shit down or I,LL break the fucking board over ya head…jokes…it's crazy scary watching an accomplished player.onya.🤟

  15. im probably wrong but i'll say it anyway. in my opinion memorizing certain piece structures in the opening/ basic scholar short mates wont get you very far. you may win against a group of people who you could catch by surprise, take material fast and maybe win, but against a bit better players that can see where you going long before you start going, they will reply to you so your mechanical setups will get scrambled and then.. what will you do then, then you have to continue on your own, and if your lost out of your scheme you're a fish in a barrel

  16. Great video. When I learnt chess as a child in the 1960s I always played the Ruy Lopez in every single game! I didn’t know any other way. I’m just starting to play again and videos like these really help trying to gain a deeper understanding of the game.

  17. Queen's Pawn London Opening not independent of how Black plays.
    1. d2-d4 d7-d5
    2. Ng1-f3 e7-e6
    3. Bc1-f4 f7-f5
    4. e2-e3 Qd8-e7
    5. Nb1-d2 Qe7-b4

    At this point, blindly playing the prescribed Bf1-d3 will not help defend the white pawn on b2. An alternate "defensive" move is required!

  18. I got back into chess again after playing a classmate and he almost got with the 4 move check! I resigned because I was so confused! But yeah, I used to play chess alot in middle school but was never that good! It was just fun to play against my friends. I'd say I'm a bit better now, because I atleast understand that certain moves control space on the board.

  19. Favorite opening so far, black mustang defense. Makes the kings indian a lot harder cuz the knight gets trapped lol

  20. "If you want to get better learn openings"
    Ok, learned several, I play them and then comes my opponent's move…now my opening is unplayable,…oh, look here comes the fucking queen, checkmate. Wow, so glad I spent the time to learn openings, now i can lose so much faster

  21. I've been a subscriber for a couple months and found this video. How thinga have changed, it's good to see you show more of your personality now compared to this.

  22. What a great video. Thanks for this information!

  23. I applied some what I saw in the beginning, combining it with my current strategy, and manage to beat the 7th level of 10 on my tablet chess app with my smallest material loss yet (1 bishop and 2 pawns). Also since I was able to promote a Pawn to Queen, I ended with more material point wise than I started.

    Very helpful video.

  24. The text is obstructing the board. Better if the text is not on the board.

  25. Heres my question: Do you need to learn them at all in order to advance. I really just want to play lots of games and get the hang of countering whatever comes at me

  26. Very helpful, I love the kings Indian but am like a very very new player and am probably at around 750.

  27. after how many moves does an opening end? is a 10th move still considered an opening, or play b the book ?

  28. I dont get how to castle the king of the rules

  29. What is life but the enjoyment of delusion? says:

    Im currently at 2000 in bullet and ultra 1800 and I believe I could get to 2000 in blitz, I don't play that much of blitz.. I tried playing blitz today got it from 1700 to 1940 . My only problem is I don't know any opening whatsoever. I believe it is time I learn opening now. Opening is for 2000 rated players. Time has come for me.

  30. I have one question is king indian attack a good opening for beginner level player I also use kings indian set-up as black I find them the most reliable to use

  31. Any advice please. Playing someone who doesn't follow any of the normal openings. Eg head on attack with the Queen. Should I continue as best as I can OR abandon any opening theory and go straight into a street fight?

  32. Oh my god!! Coming from twitch, i have never seen him so formal. Its kind of like the first time you meet someone vs when you really get to know them!!

  33. Kings indian setup was pretty much the first one I ever learned as a kid and I always played it against my dad. He would always win, but over time I got to the point where I could actually put pressure on him so it wasn't easy for him to win anymore. I have recently gotten semi serious about learning more chess, and I want to play him again to see if he's still better than me. I think that I was better than him at thinking ahead with my moves, but I was terrible in the early game, so if I can improve my early game I might be able to beat him

  34. I love you. Lol I hope to beat my son this weekend. My time has come!

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