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Basic Opening Strategies | Chess | Kids Academy

Chess is one of the best and the most important games especially for your little one because chess comes with the ability to help your child with his cognitive development. If your little one has concentration issues and if he is a little slow in thinking then you need to teach him chess right now because we assure you that this game will be the best thing you will teach your child as it will definitely help him with his development.

Now, if you also want to learn how to play chess then we’ve got two solutions for you. First, you can opt for the online chess lessons and for that you need to refer to Youtube. If this won’t work for you then you can hire a professional chess player to teach you how to play chess and within no time you will know all the strategies and all the tactics you should know to win a chess game.

As far as the best opening strategies for chess are concerned, well, we suggest you to look for e4 and e5 on the internet and learn everything you can about these moves. Especially the e4 is the most common and the wisest chess opening and it even goes well with all the disciplines of the chess game. What happens in this move is that the White occupies all the area of the center square with the help of the pawns and it also attacks another point of the center all at the same time.

This is just one of the best opening strategies but doesn’t worry because there are a lot more of them. You just need to find the right tutorial and you will soon learn about all the openings and how they work.

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