Basic Openings for Black | Sicilian Dragon & King’s Indian | Chess with David Pakman

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In this live chess coaching session, I teach a simple black opening repertoire to David Pakman. David is a political commentator (host of the @David Pakman Show) and has recently been invited to the second edition of’s PogChamps (a chess tournament for popular streamers and online personalities). To prepare for the event, I showed him the basics of the Sicilian Dragon (against 1.e4) and the King’s Indian Defense (against 1.d4).
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  1. Hi Sir Eric Rosen, Please notice me, i am your big fan, Thank you for uploading a videos, it helps me chess knowledge. Thank you so much 🙂

  2. This video explains everything i need at this point. Thanl you so much :).

  3. I've learnt more in 30 mins than in 20 years, clear easy instruction, not overloading you with umpteen moves/variations, so to get you to a middle game in one piece
    Please give us more like this

  4. 6:38 if white plays c3, how would you play the smith mora gambit?

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  6. 14:19 What if white just plays e6 instead of developing the bishop? If I take, then their d pawn takes back and my knight is still under attack

  7. “You have to hallucinate” me high af watching this😂

  8. This video easily the best I’ve seen on teaching black for lower ranks!

  9. Superb tutorial. I felt Like I was being personally instructed.

  10. This is extremely useful, better than any tutorials I've found on black openings!

  11. This was one of the most instructive chess videos I've seen so far. It's great to have a good defense against both d4 and e5, with shared (and not too complex) elements.

    Thanks, Eric!

  12. these david pakman videos are actually amazing. im kind of around this skill level too and these are SO USEFUL for my game. i feel like im getting personal tuition 😀

  13. gonna play the drag just because it sounds cool. I also like your other gambit where you let their bishop take your queen in exchange for mate in 2

  14. My brain: Ok so what if this happens?
    Pakman: Ok so what if this happens?
    My Brain:Somebody understands me?😢😢😢

  15. Around 30:00 “I see it in the same way that I see a bear when I look at 5 stars on the sky” lmao, actual gold.

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  17. I never thought I’d learn the Sicilian dragon in under 10min! I love your pace in this video. David ask great questions too. He read my mind when he asked about what to do with the white bishop

  18. eric is so laid back…..n chilled……its very calming……….
    aman is a gangsta swag
    gothamchess can get a bit cocky at times but all that i am is cuz ofgotham chess

  19. I just watched this today, and I was able to do 5 connect on the queenside creating a very solid wall.

  20. love this type of content eric. All your content in general, but im sure newbies to chess like me appreciate your teaching!! keep it up

  21. Eric is such a great teacher. And I love the king's indian defence <3 one of my favourite openings with both colours

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  23. at the 2:23 mark of the video, Rosen refers to the Modern Defense as also being called the ? Pierds ? What is the spelling on that? Thanks!

  24. This is excellent teaching. Thanks for the video!

  25. Levy said don't get into Sicilian until 2000, but he agrees that the Dragon is the only Sicilian for beginner level.

  26. This helps a lot I was just memorizing moves where this is teaching ideas

  27. I love Eric’s teaching and theory. But David Pakman is such a stooge in politics, it’s hard to watch.

  28. What is this. I watch David for his content, and Eric for his lessons…and now…wow

  29. This was my first ever video studying an opening for black. I couldn't have picked a better choice. So grateful for your channel, Eric!

  30. Eric is a good teacher. Too bad that his student is not a good listener. He says… And then you go for attack on Kings side, and the student answers… so b6, Bishop b7. OMG. Man, start listening to Eric it will help you to improve.

  31. Played the sicilian dragon right after this and it was probably the best game I've ever played – 98.2% accuracy woop woop!
    My opponent accused me of cheating haha

  32. There is something off about that guest. He annoys me even though he hasn’t done anything wrong

  33. What is the best move for black after the opening white e4, black e5, white d4?

  34. oy .. so annoying.. Eric I luv you and your content but these so called you tube stars… so f'n annoying, what a tool

  35. please ask him to stop talking and fucking LISTEN

  36. Eric’s eyebrows look like caterpillars

  37. You are such an amazing teacher! I love watching the lessons you give. Thank you so much for sharing this content with us pretty much for free.

  38. Whats the best move if white plays Knight to g5 iat position in 21:42?

  39. @ericrosen I took too many zopiclone and the knights started to grow horns. im sure if i made the sicillian dragon; i would see a dragon 8)

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