Beating Everyone with the Same Opening Trap (Stafford Gambit)

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This video features 3 games (played in the same day) in which the white side falls victim to the same simple and devious opening trap in the Stafford Gambit. The trap involves a “fishing pole” idea with an early h5 and Ng4. While the Stafford Gambit is not necessarily a sound opening, it is highly venomous. If white is not prepared, then it can be easy for black to win quite quickly!
Game 1: vs janeza12 (2128)
Game 2 vs FM Stefan005 (2335):
Game 3 vs Twitch Chat:

Big thanks to Andrew Yatzkan who coded the “Chess vs Twitch Chat” bot seen at 1:40
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  1. What are you using to give you information while you’re playing?


  3. Im just curious
    Why didn't the opponent kill the horse in the 1st game??

  4. Players are just too greedy i will have to learn this but im sure my opponents will not fall for it

  5. Someone in chat “democracy is a mistake” 😂

  6. Do not castle and get other side moving to castle opposite side if the need arises. Gambit null and void then.

  7. Whenever I lose playing the Stafford I feel like I let Eric down

  8. I have a problem where I make really good moves but then randomly decide to sacrifice my queen for a pawn and the proceed to slowly lose my mind + the game :p

  9. After Queen takes pawn at G3 the white’s move should be pawn F2 takes Queen G3. Why moving the king?

  10. 2:33 I once fell victim to that, it was very embarrassing. Oh, well. At least now I know a good opening for black.

  11. Why can’t the knight be taken with the bishop?

  12. "Or maybe you're the same people, so maybe, you can make fun of yourself"…..💀-that sounded villainous bro

  13. watching this game play with the arrows and descriptions has significantly increased my game

  14. 🤣🤣🤣 this is so bogus.. I literally tried this over 50 games.. not one game went as smooth as your video.. i mean no one took the bait.. looks like you had someone help you out to accomplish this..

  15. There are many methods and tricks of chess, thank you for teaching. There are many people who do not know

  16. sigh tried playing this but never have an opponenet that plays against that

  17. Can you do this with white or only black?

  18. 5 .5m views that must be every chess player

  19. I'm terrible at chess. I see it as a lack of perception width. Can't think ahead and visualise more than a move in advance. Is this a skill that can be developed or something that a person has which makes them function well at chess?

  20. Ok but on that first check why would pawn not take queen

  21. I've just started studying chess. I played this against my wife who hasn't been studying chess as much as I have. I won using this tactic. I'm sleeping on the couch. It is such a dick move.

  22. It is interesting that human beings so easily fall into the same trap.

  23. Bruh hes so humble like he casually destroys someone and then hes like "that was nice" like what? He sounds so calm too

  24. I have won quite a few games with the bongcloud opening.

  25. I have a question – at the start of the gambit, when black moves his bishop to C5, why doesn't white move their bishop to E3, thus defending the dark squared bishop's line of attack on the king?

  26. I been beaten like this at least 5 times!! It works 100% each time!!!

  27. White must keep knight same position to avoid embarassement!!!!

  28. But why not the pawn take the knight down

  29. 0:29 am i dumb or smth or why couldn't you just take the queen with the pawn?

  30. Looks like staged to me, there is no way your opponent is that stupid.

  31. He telling the chat how to castle just to crush them… 🥹😂🤣

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