Beginners Chess Opening TIER LIST with Hikaru and Levy | Part 1

GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Levy Rozman use @tiermaker to rank chess openings from the point of view of a beginner (800-1300). (We will rank openings for club level players later)

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Accelerated Dragon
2:29 Advanced Caro-Kann
4:22 Nc3 g4 Ng2 var
4:30 Regular var
5:45 Advanced French
7:45 Alapin Sicilian
9:10 Alekhine’s Defense
10:26 Benko Gambit
11:35 Benoni
13:21 Berlin Defense
16:20 Bird’s Opening
16:55 Fool’s Mate Kindergarten Nationals Story
19:03 BongCloud
20:07 Budapest Gambit
21:13 Caro-Kann
23:13 Catalan
24:51 Closed Sicilian
26:28 Danish Gambit
30:04 Dragdorf
31:45 Dutch Defense
34:39 English
37:03 Englund Gambit
39:28 Evan’s Gambit

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  1. I just ducking watched full tom and jerry episode on the ad lol

  2. The chat when Dutch defense was being explained: G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  3. The evans gambit by alpha zero was predetermined. Alpha took over after the engineers put the gambit on the board

  4. How does he make these "custom" games where he can go back the moves and change it?

  5. Me: Playing Alekhine’s defense cause it is my favorite opening.
    Me, after this video: (

  6. Isnt the accelerated dragon picture is kazama from ping pong the animation

  7. why is there emphasis based on each pawns letter placemet what does that indicate for the game or opening?

  8. I kinda like learning/playing bird's opening as a beginner exercise. Maybe moreso for adult beginners than kids though. Not because it's good. More because it quickly teaches you an important principle about opening arrangements, why most of the best ones are put together the way they are, and how things can go very wrong very fast if the opening itself has a hole. However, when you survive the opening with the bird's you're usually in good shape from then on (at beginner and even intermediate level).

  9. Really wanted to watch this video, but there is no fucking way I am sitting through 7 fucking ads. I literally stopped watching television because of that same bullshit. Fuck you YouTube.🖕🖕🖕

  10. Alekhine's has always been natural to me… I'm hardly a chess player though but I've played around 500games in my life just with random people and friends and I've never lost.

  11. The fact that this video has ads every 2-3 minutes is extremely annoying. That's what I don't like about this channel.

  12. me only 7 mins in, waiting for him to completely dunk on the sicillian dragon which is what i normally go for

  13. this video is actually super helpful for me, a beginner who's trying to learn openings and counterplay

  14. I still don't get why Bird's is such a bad opening. If you make sure to develop it seems to work well. I'm hovering around 900-1100 and Bird's is one of my go-to openings on white. As long as you develop the other side of the board and cover your file it seems pretty solid

  15. hikarus phone rings:
    me: where is my phone at? oh its playing youtube

  16. im so happy hikaru likes the advanced french coz its rlly underrated

  17. hi! I seldom played chess with my father when I was a kid, I'm 30 now and actually interested in getting to know chess more (I'm an absolute noob at this point, I just know how pieces move and that's it), what's the best thing to start with? I thought about learning the highest tier openers listed here and trying to play against computer with them

  18. Fellow bird one trick here…. Y u dis my bird like this

  19. Developmentally-disabled-patzer: Must slow speed down to .25 to follow you guy's bullet speed demos….but hey-prooves one thing 2 me, (Patz)…never stop visualizing that board. Hum, let's see…does it go H,G,F,E,D…knowdamean? LOL

  20. I started some days ago, not knowing any openings, just how the pieces move. And somehow I made a Caro Kahn (i just know bc said so) and it was my best game. Now that I know it's a good defense, I'll try to learn it. Thanks for the video! It seems like I'll be rewatching a lot of times!

  21. Benko gambit is clearly named after Mr. Gambit.

  22. Im really sorry but…I cant follow along personally with this because I get lost in the "E2"s and "F6"s etc and I dont have the brain for being able to follow that.

  23. “Should we teach chat how to defend against it?” “No of course not”

  24. are all these openings with or versus e4 ??

  25. all these advice are shit because nobody plays like that 😅

  26. As a beginner I destroy people with the Bird's opening

  27. Damn this really helped me,i have lose more than 100 times lol

  28. Bongcloud is S tier. You sacrifice position for psychological damage.

  29. d4 openings are good for beginners because there is calm play without much calculations. I almost exclusively played d4 as a beginner. My pawn was already protected by the queen and this prevented me from losing it when I forgot to check if it was en prise

  30. Can y’all share the final matrix for openings by ranking? YouTube gets cut off early on this one

  31. I suck at chess. Studied the berlin opening. What they described happened all the damn time. After the opening I got lost, fumbled my way through middle game, didnt have anything for endgame.

  32. Why is Dragon very good, but Accelerated Dragon is not so good (for beginners)?

  33. tries any of these openings and none of them worked because YOU CANT PREDIT A 800 ELO PLAYERS MOVES

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