Beginners’ Openings and Tactics – GM Varuzhan Akobian – 2013.01.13

Chess Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian presents a lecture for beginners at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.


  1. It's pretty useful to add a time index. Considering how old this video is.

    1.00 accepted
    12.00 declined


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  4. I loved to play chess. When I watched this I really appreciated. But… you don't know what the opponent moves. You have good tactic, but the opponent try to distroy that. If I'm there in his class. I have plenty questions? But I really appreciated this❤️

  5. This remembers me of my old chess sessions…

  6. An excellent teacher, quiet and thorough. A .Iively presentation with students present, adressed by tbe teacher,
    but not seen, keeping the focus simple with just teacher and board. The action on the board is clearly demonstrated by the moving pieces. Constant action, simple to follow. Questions and answers throughout the presentation. A joy to watch and follow.

  7. Good teacher but my son won me in the first 3mins with out watching the video

  8. Being a dude in his Late 30s and
    Watching this Video. 🤭

  9. You can follow for chess traps and more.

  10. Why the rook goes to D1 instead of E1 behind the Queen

  11. I love this content and shared it with my nephews- thank you for posting it!

  12. Sad to hear this generation of some desperate learners some of it they dont need to hear some explaination of human analogy skeptical move, because of database explain and computer suggestion that serves them as talent and memory. Computer this days resolved conflict.

  13. I am a beginner, and i want to learn how to play chess … anyone suggest me something i.e. any particular courses/coah/ or something like that may help me …
    Thanks a ton in advance …

  14. On 13:12 why black pawn not put forward to attack bishop? If opponent do this what will be the good move to do?

  15. 30:00 if black is not careful… he could get check mated, or worse, lose a pawn…

  16. Wow amazing lesson thank you so much ❤️😊

  17. I was looking for this video again and I found it. It's never bad to brush up on the basics

  18. This teacher is so good. I'm learning how to play chess as a 36yr old!

  19. Why is that you did not let the BLACK STUDENT answer when the BLACK STUDENT RAISED HIS HAND?

  20. Any video on rook vs queen end game by GM Akobian ?

  21. My respects to GM Akobian. His teachings are quite good if we consider that he is just a human being. He is not at my same level in chess (3600 rated), but he is very clear to teach mere mortals.

  22. QA-4 check, forces pawn take take check, forces black knight to block, (queens gambit accepted from white)

  23. Most of the students there are children.

  24. queen xf7 check is ckeckmate in the last puzzle

  25. I am 65 years old and learning. Great teacher.

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