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  1. Vienna gambit I have been using a lot but very much recommend

  2. Nah Nah You Got It All Wrong, Grob, Grob, Grob, Grob, Grob, Grob, Grob, Grob,

  3. I absolutely love the Vienna. I’ve played the Italian, the Spanish, the Danish Gambit, the London, the Queen’s Gambit, the Ponziani, and the Vienna. Out of all those openings, the Vienna’s my favorite by far. Thanks, Levy.

  4. the perfect loop finally happened

  5. The first e4 opening I kinda like the look off. Idk why but I have an irrational hatred for 1.e4 usually, idk why

  6. then they play c5 initiates the sicillian defense :((((((

  7. I broke the 69 comments on this video hehehehehe

  8. Just won 6 blitz and 5 rapid games with 1 loss in between with the Vienna. Such a good opening

  9. “they’ll move the knight back”
    moves the knight forward
    well shit

  10. Now my friend is addicted to the Vienna, and I beat him up easily

  11. Thanks I’m new to chess and don’t know openings

  12. Levy thank you for breaking up my 12 alpha male Tate YouTube shorts in a row. Love ya mate

  13. Black is already a little better/white has practically no play with the Vienna gambit if black plays correctly, so I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘building a repertoire’ type of opening

    It’s more an opening you should play as a beginner to help you learn the importance of efficiency and development and central control, it’s not an opening you should play after you’ve significantly improved in chess

  14. 🧇🏠😯👉👨‍🦰➡️🤵‍♂️

  15. I just started playing chess. How important is it to memorize these openings?

  16. what if they don’t play the knight in the beginning?

  17. As a 920 rated player, this opening is crazy good. I learned this opening 3 weeks ago… I was rated 550. +370 elo in 3 weeks, not even playing very much, I'd say is pretty good 🙂

    ps: If you decide to learn the Vienna, learn the copycat variation too. It comes out a lot and is really good for you, if you know what you're doing.

  18. 90% of beginners i play play something like this

  19. Bro stop reposting (at least link the original vid for everyone to see)

  20. These 1 min videos are amazing! It just makes us revise our openings in less than 1 min and also if we don't know them, we can use them by watching a trailer about how they work!

  21. Imagine if you watched this short in Vienna and won a game using the Vienna gambit

  22. You should include link to the original video

  23. I'm just getting back in Chess and I'm using Vienna as my opening for White.
    Thanks for all the knowledge, Levy.
    Appreciate all of your content.
    A fan from the Philippines.

  24. Actually just used this in my game. T.Y. for the great lead.

  25. Hi Levi you are awesome. İ learned all of chess from you. in 4 years

  26. As a long time Vienna enjoyer I can confirm that if the opponent doesn't know what they're doing it's so damn easy to dominate.

    One line I absolutely love when the opponent falls for it is 1. e4, e5 2. Nc3, Nf6 3. f4, *Nc6*, 4. fxe5 Nxe5 and here after d4 and e5 black is completely lost positionally.

  27. I like that opener. I'm gonna give it a few trys

  28. French With Hervé – Cours de français says:

    Lmao your French accent "répertoire"

  29. Been using vienna for a while now and ngl, ive been earning points at a faster rate now, + carokan for black

  30. nah bruv the vienna gambit is harder for me during my noob time.

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