Best Chess Opening Against 1.e4 & 1.d4 [TRAPS Included]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a simple, effective, and universal chess opening for Black against 1.e4 and 1.d4. Yes, this opening system works for both of the most common first moves from White.

It happens in the Czech Defense from the Pirc Defense which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 c6. But this is not just Pirc Defense – this is an opening system, so you can play the same setup irrespective of what White plays.

This setup is so powerful that White is often clueless after the opening moves as their pieces are stuck and are really passive. On the other hand, Black has a solid position with great attacking plans!

► Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening against 1.e4
00:25 Pirc Defense: Czech Defense
03:03 Solid setup for Black
04:31 No clear plan for White
08:18 Line-2: White plays 4.f4
10:10 Beware of this forcing line
12:47 White rook is trapped
15:01 Same setup against 1.d4
16:39 If White blocks the center

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  1. I find this white opening works very well against players better than you if you get super agro.

  2. What if they go e5 in the beginning? And attack your night before you move out your queen?

  3. ► Chapters

    00:00 Best Chess Opening against 1.e4

    00:25 Pirc Defense: Czech Defense

    03:03 Solid setup for Black

    04:31 No clear plan for White

    08:18 Line-2: White plays 4.f4

    10:10 Beware of this forcing line

    12:47 White rook is trapped

    15:01 Same setup against 1.d4

    16:39 If White blocks the center

  4. the cat in the background is showing her own skills..😅😅

  5. Last move was not good…. bishop was weak piece….knight was such a powerful piece….

  6. (wanted to say stay safe) and also ask because i play on lichess. who teaching to trade bishop for rook on f1 f8? i find this trade so bad is their actually a line where it works. because i dont think there is. if you need examples i can give them from 1800 and 1900 lol i would venture a quest because teach from india or or eastern russian time zone and they speak english

  7. Very similar to NM Ramariz chess on youtube.

  8. That’s so cool, thanks Igor! Or at least that’s how I think your name is spelt, but I see one comment here uses “Egor”. What is correct please? Thanks again sir, and best wishes 🌞

  9. Thank you Igor….what opening for black do you like better and think is more effective…..Rousseau Gambit or Czech Pirc Defense?

  10. I think one thing is missing from the tutorial: If I am white and encounter this defense, how should I counter it?

  11. Thank you so much Igor for this interesting system
    I think it's possible to play with this system as white as well

  12. Best way of beating Igor? Don't make any moves.

  13. Hi Igor. I am having trouble accessing your web site with your courses I purchased. Ideas?

  14. Why would you trade knight for bad bishop in a closed position with little potential for the center to open?

  15. Hi Igor
    I saw this opening a few months ago (is it the called the Czech variation of the Pirc?) but I had very little success with it! In my experience after Qa5 White ALWAYS plays Bd2 and Black doesn't seem to do so well after that. Please can you show some plans for Black against that White set up?

  16. This is kind of a mixture if the Pirc defense and the Scandinavian defense

  17. I play this opening (the Czech Pirc) a lot with black. NM Robert Ramirez has a few great videos on it as well.

  18. sigma king lol he attacks the rook not rook attacks him

  19. Thanks, Igor. Good to see you and your cat again, and to add another interesting system to the armoury!

  20. It's like Czec Pirc Defence. Really very very instructive and useful. Thanks a lot.

  21. You deserve better closed captioning to go with your great chess ideas

  22. I never see white play Bd3 to defend Qa5. It's always Bd2 immediately.

  23. Gm, I'm a somewhat experienced, somewhat advanced novice. These videos are perfect for me! Thanks so much! I'd have to think we're the biggest audience you could tap into, so keep these rolling. Will def check out the masterclass when it's time!

  24. Thanks for the tips Igor! I tried this system against both e4 and d4 tonight at chess club and absolutely rocked my opponent.

  25. This isn’t much of a “trap.” It’s a system known as the Czech Defense, aka Czech Pirc. I play it a lot, and it’s solid. Doesn’t always work as well against 1. d4 (which often becomes King’s Indian) unless they play 2. e4, transposing into what we saw in this video.

  26. What to do if white plays Bg2 after we play the move Qa5
    Sir please reply

  27. You keep showing white playing Bd3 before Bd2. The move order should be after black plays Qa5 then white plays Bd2 and wins a tempo as black has to retreat.

  28. Another possibility in these lines is the English Rat, also decent for Black

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