Best Chess Opening for Black Against 1.e4 in 2023 [Win in 8 Moves]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches how to beat the Fried Liver Attack as Black in just 8 moves. The Fried Liver Attack is a popular opening variation in the Italian Game which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Ng5 d5 5.exd5.

Millions of players who play the Fried Liver Attack as White mostly rely on Black playing the dubious move 5…Nxd5. Instead, you can play this aggressive variation that GM Smirnov shows which gives Black a completely winning position in just 8 moves!

► Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening Against 1.e4 For Black
00:16 Beat the Fried Liver Attack as Black
01:22 Winning line for Black against the Fried Liver Attack
02:10 How Black gets -2 winning advantage
03:42 If White plays Qe2, pinning the e4-pawn
04:44 If White plays Bb3 instead of Bb5+
07:01 White’s attempt to attack with Qf3
10:41 If White plays Bd3 instead of Ba4
12:36 White’s common opening mistake, 4.Nc3

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  1. That what I expect for GM Igor. Everything you show makes sense no cheap trick like other ytbs.

  2. Hey Igor! Love your videos, watched a ton of them and still watch them at my free time. I progressed from 600-1430 ELO just because of these videos :). One thing I would love to know how to play is exchange variation in ruy lopez, since I always have problems defending the instant attack. Anyways, keep doing this!❤

  3. at 5:54 would Qxd5 also be good or is there something I'm missing? it takes the pawn and white still can't take the bishop because they will lose the rook

  4. @12:59, after Ba6, if white d3, black cannot go Qf2 for Mate because white Q takes black Q (because d3 blocks black B on a6 and d3 is protected by c2).

    Am I missing something?

  5. Wow! Igor! Thanks a lot for this soo great video, with new moves for black! 😊👍♟

  6. im saddened to ask…but why is bishop b7 a bad move?

  7. at 6:13 where you say the queen is pinned on e2, was that an error? Reason is they can exchange queens with bishop recapturing on e7.

  8. Great lesson!! I have faced this opening multiple times and was never sure what the best way to respond was/is. Thanks for your generosity in sharing this.

  9. I speak for everybody when I say we need the cat back in the background

  10. On the fifth move for Black, I've been attacking the Bishop with my B Pawn, rather than the mainline Knight attack. Which is really stringer?

  11. Good day GM Smirnov. Can you do a quick guide what to do against Bird opening (1.f4) when playing as black.

    At first glance it looks a bad opening as it opens the king side but the follow up Nf3 shuts down the quick check from Black.

    Thank you and good luck for your future contents.

  12. Best chess teacher on YouTube
    Only chess channel I have subscribed to
    Keep up the good work Igor

  13. why cant the white queen on e2 simply take the black queen on e7? that will be check and then white can save his rook on h1 and put it on f1

  14. one of best chess opening for black,
    create same topic about chess too on my channel, any feed back is appreciate,
    all the best, thanks

  15. wow great tutorial thank you coach , but what if your opponent tries to counter attack in 2:14 and move b4 to attack your knight ?

  16. at 2:15 you ask
    ‘why is this position so bad for black?’
    you mean white
    it’s amazing how often content creators confuse white and black

  17. Instead of d5 (or after it, and white recaptures), I almost always bring out my dark squared bishop to attack the f2 pawn. If they still take my f6 pawn with the knight, I sacrifice the bishop at f2, and it often leads to a great position (sometimes even checkmate), but it rarely works if the king doesn't take the bishop. Anything to do in that case in particular? Or is it a play that I should avoid?

  18. 6:45 after Kg2 black Bh3 check! Easiest way to change the black B e K for the white queen.

  19. Hi I'm e4 player but I dont have anything against french, what would you recomend without a lot of theory

  20. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOA a refutation of fried liver, this would be helpful for… uhm… around 600-900 lichess rating, because higher than that nobody plays fried liver.

  21. Thanks a lot. I will test these counter measures soon.
    I have been struggling a lot against this opening, since I dont know what its called (beginner).
    At best I can defend against, but then its very hard to get tempo and get my king out of the center area.

  22. Just ran this on some1 165 rating points higher than me; now at 8:52 they moved their Q elsewhere, but I followed the same principles and beat them badly. Had 2 queens at 1 point and they had to lose a rook to take the new 1 (a pawn essentially), pinned their Q to their K; got their Q and had a lot of tense fun.

    Thank you Igor!🙂😀

  23. An interesting sideline at 12:30, White can block the attack on his Q with d3 which superficially seems to save him as he's ahead in material. But then exd3 Qd2 (keeping guard on f2) dxc2+! Ke1 cxb1=Q! Rxb1 Bb4! still winning the Q, as the P and N that could have interposed have been eliminated. Another fun line!

  24. Love how you tackle common mistakes, keep doing it! As a serious club player I love your videos and I predict a great future for you and your channel (well with over 300K subscribers you are already big now). Entertaining, instructive and to the point! Keep them coming we love it!

  25. Remember having serious issues with this opening as black when I was a newer player. I personally love the Blackburne variation where you sack the rook for the bishop and extra activity. Opponent has to sort of play into it with Qf3, though.

  26. If they try to fried liver you, then you should fried them with their own medicine.

  27. I would like to thank you very much. Your videos have really helped me. To be more precise, I have adopted a lot in my opening repertoire.

  28. I really like your videos and the ideas and improvement are awesome! It helped me a lot in my games. Thank you sir 😇🍀

  29. 6:52 how can you checkmate the opponent if he capture your bishop with his pawn after you moved your queen? Can anyone tell me the answer

  30. Bb2 is horrible, don't ask me why?? come on.. what stupid analisis is this?

  31. These tricky lines are a blast, however I think it would be really helpful to have a breakdown of the ideas in the mainlines as well. No one seems to cover these.

  32. Thanks!! Can you cover if white goes Bb5+ and then c6 dxc6 bxc6 and Be2?

  33. Where can I practice this? Also the early queen attack videos. I would love to practice this with a kind of learning chapter. Is there a practice course?
    because I realize that you can watch those videos over and over, but much better is to play them on a board or online.

  34. There is also the Fritz (….Nd4 instead of ,,,,Na5) which is fun for Black (White can get mated in about 9 moves in one line)

  35. ► Chapters

    00:00 Best Chess Opening Against 1.e4 For Black

    00:16 Beat the Fried Liver Attack as Black

    01:22 Winning line for Black against the Fried Liver Attack

    02:10 How Black gets -2 winning advantage

    03:42 If White plays Qe2, pinning the e4-pawn

    04:44 If White plays Bb3 instead of Bb5+

    07:01 White's attempt to attack with Qf3

    10:41 If White plays Bd3 instead of Ba4

    12:36 White's common opening mistake, 4.Nc3

  36. when i watch your video first time my rating was 900. Now im 1800. Your videos are always useful. Keep goin bro.🙏

  37. Stockfish suggests 8. Qf3 instead of 8.Ba4 with just a slight disadvantage for white (-0.3 at depth 30). Black ahead on development, but white puts pressure on c6 pawn. Then suggestion from stockfish is to play Be7 for black and then as white I would go for K:c6 (which seems to be wrong). And black is way ahead on development, but white is up two pawns (8. … Be7 9. B:c6 Kc:6 10. Q:c6+). The position clearly favors black, but I think 1500-1700 rated players could be afraid going into this line for black exactly due to these two pawns disadvantage. I mean having better position and converting it to a win are two very different things. And two pawns are two pawns )

  38. I've won several games just this week against this exact attack including an 11-move resignation yesterday with 100% accuracy. It's very common. I don't always catch the Fried Liver right away but usually spot it before I move Na4 and remember to play c6 first.

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