Best Chess Opening for White After 1.e4 | Scotch Gambit Traps

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will teach you how to win with 1.e4 as White after Black responds 1…e5. You will learn one of the best chess openings for White, the Scotch Gambit which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Bc4.

This powerful opening variation increases your winning probability significantly, especially in amateur level and among club players. Out of the 3 most common responses of Black, 2 moves are huge mistakes and lose the game for Black immediately.

Learn this powerful variation as it also comes with some deadly traps! Even the world no.5 Wesley So lost in just 12 moves in this opening!

► Chapters

00:00 Win with 1.e4 as White, Best Chess Opening
00:25 Scotch Gambit for White
01:06 1) If Black plays 4…Nxe4
02:35 2) If Black plays 4…Nxd4
03:38 3) If Black plays 4…exd4
04:13 Black’s two choices on move 5
06:34 Common tactical pattern you should know
08:02 Black’s correct response, to counterattack
09:21 Simple & Effective Variation
10:30 73% Win Rate, Deadly Trap
13:04 Can you find the winning move?
13:20 Black’s correct response: Be7

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  1. 13:16 i guess solution for little puzzle is like this:knight h4 queen has 2 more options g4 square e5 and d5 all of this moves lead them lose their queen after whites move knight f6 and queen is gone

  2. What have you got "against" the scotch gambit?

  3. love the comments and suggestions. you are cute too. see you soon.

  4. Solution to mid-video puzzle – White again plays Nf6 ch. If … Ke7 or … Kd8, Nh5 dis ch picks up at least the Exchange, possibly a whole rook depending on where Black's king goes. If … Kf8, Bh6 wins the Exchange as well.

  5. thats why black should just play Nxe4 then Qd7, so you can play Be7 more comfortably

  6. I greet you from Iran..your teachings are very useful…thank you so much.

  7. Alireza Firouzja is my compatriot. he is of Iranian origin but has French citizenship and plays for the French flag. Although Firouzcha is a very good chess player, but he does not give Iranians any practice. I learn a lot from you and your tutorials. Thank you very much for that🌹🌹🌹

  8. Bro how can black castle after moving his king???

  9. Hi Igor, can you please analyse the Bongcloud opening on your next video. That would be very much appreciated

  10. Thank you sir for this video and the others I have used it today after watching your video and it works well. Smashing the like. God bless you in Jesus Name. I hope you safe there in your country.

  11. It's pronounced "Max Lang" (rhymes with fang). The e is silent.

  12. Nh4 attacks the queen. The queen cannot be saved. If the opponent tries to defend it in any way, it will be lost with little to no compensation. The best engine response would be rxg5, and after nxf5, rxg5, the opponent gets a piece and a rook for a queen, and a slightly losing position, so including the lost material, the engine puts white at about +2.7 ish. After this exchange, the best ending move is g4, attacking the rook, but the other two viable options as far as I can see are qg4 which threatens g4+ winning the rook on a8, or simply nxc5, trading the bishop to remove their bishop pair and opening up their position. If your opponent finds the exact rook captures that bring them to the position I mentioned, the game isn't particularly won but you would have a significant advantage. If they do anything else other than capture the two pieces, their position is absolutely lost.

  13. Lots of unnecessary explanations. As a narcissist, he likes to hear himself talk

  14. I love both the Scotch Gambit and Goring Gambits👍

  15. Thank you Igor for all the content, I like the calm, methodical approach you show as I haven’t played since I was 10 and I noticed not “beating yourself” is first thing to learn. I’ve only played a few dozen games and have won nearly 2/3rds of my games and had winning positions in half my loses.

  16. Do you recommend me to explore you games after studied your most important courses and incorporated your system of thinking or you play different in practice according to who is gonna be your opponent?

  17. I thought it was my invention. It's already on the book.

  18. I love the idea of this video, but in practice, playing bishop C4 usually results in opponent playing bishop C5. Then it’s an Italian game…which I hate playing. Any advice?

  19. "Scottish" or "Scots" please, unless you're referring to whiskey or food.

  20. love the videos from you. very new ideas i dont even think about

  21. 13:14 Nh4 traps the queen if queen d5, g4 then Nf6 forks with check if Qe5 then Nh4+ discovered attack on queen.

  22. I really love this game. Never had a chance to study or gain some tutelage, but now I have some opportunity. I’m just below average player if that. But I do have to compliment you. You have a great delivery. The lesson you give is so enjoyable. I appreciate and thank you.

  23. Sir please make video on two knight's defense 🙏

  24. Move the knight to h4 then win the queen after few moves

  25. This two knight defence by black is pretty similar with ruy Lopez that allows black to take a pawn than counter attack

  26. Whereas two knight defence is best against fried liver attack

  27. This opening NEVER works after elo 900. I've tried opening like this dozens of time, it always fails. I invested so much time in it with no reward at all 🤢

  28. This is the opening strategy that made me loose the most games in my chess life

  29. You are the boss trainer! I learnt many attacking tactics from your videos.
    The solution of the puzzle, I think, is Kfh4, which will win the queen and win the match eventually.

  30. I think that the solution to the puzzle is Nh4!

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