Best Chess Openings Against D4 | Black Strategy, Moves, Ideas, Tips, Tricks & Tactics to Win Games

Here are 8 chess opening strategies for Black against the queen pawn opening move, pawn to d4. I will show you the complete opening strategy, tactics, moves, ideas, tricks & traps to reply to 1.d4 & Win Fast. Openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. You need to very smart in your opening setup so that you can gain an advantage to win more games. I will also show you the best moves & ideas in which white can try to counter attack & how you can diffuse them to gain a significant advantage. These are some amazing variations for beginners to play against your opponent & increase your chances to checkmate him. These opening systems will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such openings before. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

0:01 Introduction to 1.d4
0:12 Thank you for 500k subscribers
0:29 White’s idea behind d4
1:43 Best Move Options after 1.d4
2:06 Chess Opening #1: Nimzo Indian Defense
3:26 Chess Opening #2: Queen’s Indian Defense
4:20 Chess Opening #3: Bogo-Indian Defense
5:07 Chess Opening #4: King’s Indian Defense
6:06 Chess Opening #5: Grunfeld Defense
6:48 Chess Opening #6: Benoni Defense
8:02 Chess Opening #7: Queen’s Gambit Declined (QGD opening)
8:42 Chess Opening #8: Semi-slav Defense
9:35 Chess Puzzle

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  1. My favourite defence is SLAV defence

  2. i am a ACM .First when i got your channel i was a begginer now i am a ACM . thank u keep it up

  3. Knight se check fir rook se mate 😅

  4. Thanks for the greatly instructional video on ways to defend against 1.d4 – and for database statistics on the alternative choices. Was it: Ng5. g5x Rh8++ ?

  5. The only reason I don't like this guy is he looks like ashnir grover. And all his plan go down with Black's defeat mostly (see the database).

  6. Puzzle sol: knight to g5 check, pawn on f6 forced to take knight, now rook to h8 check, hence you got the big fish 😊

  7. Thank you for your video!I actually wrote it down on a piece of paper, but I haven’t been able to get the answer to the puzzle

  8. I have a friend who plays randomly so what do I play then

  9. The answer is Ng5+ it gives check to the king and will open the bishop line to win the queen

  10. Not the answer to my problems. White never choose to play along with the plans.

  11. Puzzle Ng5+ threatening to win queen or check mate with R h1 protecting by bishop if exg5

  12. Rxf6 attacking the bishop, and threatening a fork?

  13. Dark bishop takes f6 pawn and rook goes to skewer the king by h8

  14. What about the London system or Jobava's London against black?

  15. 1. Ng5+ fxg5, 2. Rh8# (White wins)
    1. Ng5+ Kg7, 2. Nxh3 Bxh3 3 Rxf6 (White gains Q,p for N)
    1. Ng5+ Kg7, 2. Nxh3 Kxf8 3. Rxe6 (White gains Q,R for R)
    1. Ng5+, kh6, 2. Nxh3 Bxh3 3. Rh8+ Kg5 4.Rxh3(White gains Q,B for N)
    1. Ng5+, kh6 2.Nxh3 Bxh3 3.bxf6 Kh5, 4.Rh8+ Kg4. 5. Rxh3 Kf5 6. Bd8 (King is trapped in a box and soon to be put in a mating net).

  16. I don't know what it is, but I like the Dutch. I can see elements of semi slav in the stonewall, Nimzo and Bogo Indian options in the classical, King's Indian in the Leningrad, Queen's Indian when you get the chance to fianchetto the queen side as white decides not to fianchetto the king's bishop. Plus you get to rope a dope on any gambits like 2. e4, 2.h3 or 2.g4. All of these and you get a solid claim on the e4 square or white destroys the king side to challenge it.

  17. Thx this helps I have a clasical game today and im not very prepeard for d4

  18. I m thinking that from where queen come to h3…
    What was the last move of black in the puzzle..

  19. Sac the bishop at e5 then fork with the knight on g5

  20. The puzzle answer is Ng5, g6xNg5, Rh8# checkmate

  21. Ng5+ will lead to capturing Black's Queen

  22. My favourite opening is queens indian and kings indian

  23. Puzzle – knight g5+ if he does not capture with the pawn then he is going to loose his king so pawn takes on g5 and then rook h8 is a mate

  24. Opponent : D4
    Me : i know how to play against queens Gambit😁
    Opponent : the London system😈
    Me : crap😱

  25. I hate playing against d4. it makes me feel claustrophobic.
    I want to find the defense to give me the best chances to beat the four and punish anyone I’ve ever place before against me. Appreciate your help. Thank you for excellent to listen to. Thank you sir.

  26. The first move is Ng5. If fxg5, Rh8#. If Kg7 or Kh6, Nxh3

  27. Excellent video. New sub from the UK! I like the Nimzo Indian a lot

  28. Thank you for 500k subs 🙂

    Which is your Favorite Chess Opening?

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