Bird’s Defense: Ruy Lopez Chess Opening

The Bird’s Defense is a solid line in the Ruy Lopez that starts with 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nd4. Black looks to get their very active in the center of the board and threaten the white bishop. While this isn’t the most common line in the Ruy Lopez it is still very solid.


  1. The first minutes look a lot like the Kostic Gambit

  2. onceknight is taken theres a mainline missed here which i see more than anything

  3. Doesn’t the Bird’s Defense kind of go against Chess principles as far as moving the same piece multiple times in the opening?

  4. This defence is just bad if white doesn't fall for taking on e5, everyone plays this against me in lower rated games and loses badly lol. Good if you think you can trick your opponent but there are way cooler, more serious defences against the ruy lopez, the berlin, the arkhangelsk, etc.

  5. Gonna spam this against a friend who spams ruy lopez

  6. This opening is not boring. 😂😆😆😆

  7. White can use en passant at 4:58 doesn’t have to move bishop

  8. This feels so complete and are definitely helpful tips for a beginner like myself, thank you so much!!!

  9. in min 3:47 if black plays Nf6 white can push E pawn forward and knight has to go back so Nf6 = bad move or am I missing something ??

  10. I'm not sure about the pawn push on the a file @5:11 as white always has a3, ba2 which is a very common position for white in the ruy Lopez and a comfortable pressure diagonal for the light squared bishop always pressuring the weak f7 square on the kings side. Thoughts?

  11. now im gonna play this everytime against the Ruy Lopez.. just played as white against this kinda opening against a +100 higher rated player and fortunately won.. but I loved the opening so checked it out !! ❣️❣️

  12. Using this as my prep for an opponent who im sure will play the ruy lopez, thank you!

  13. regarding the variation in 4:46, in one game I brushed the d pawn then he captured it En passant

  14. i believe we can get all pieces across without lossing any !

  15. Good, concise, no time wasting. Thank you. Rooee Lopez 😊

  16. your explanation are complicated! I hope you explain it step by step at the begining…

  17. At 4:58 the white pawn can just play "En passent" move (not sure about the spelling tho)

  18. Watching this lets me know how much of chess i have 4got…i had a opening that was so good and unorthodox… every new player I played said the same thing I never seen someone open like that that I couldn't beat… I pretty much mastered it it was my go-to opening when a player was much stronger than me…. over the years I can't remember what I did to counter the unorthodox opening so I stopped using it.. with that being said I really wish while I was using that opening that I could have played someone that was a known great player to see if it was as good as I thought…

  19. the bird is very anti-theory, i hate facing it

  20. I played a game with Ruy Lopez opening as black and played intuitively but almost identical, to the Bird's defense!
    After 4. Ng5 Qxg5, everything went downhill from that point for white. this variation is simply amazing!

  21. can the e5 pawn en pesant the d5?

  22. 5:24 whats stopping black from moving c4? Kind of blows up the whole plan, if you know what i mean.

    Dun dun tssss

  23. If anyone comes across this video, learn the berlin defense if you want a legitimate response to the ruy lopez. This is a horrible response that leaves you extremely vulnerable

  24. Thx up for this video! Bird's def is the best variation of Ruy Lopez for me<3

  25. Thing is, Its not good for someone above 1300. (They have a course on it)
    Also the average ruy lopez player mostly has a mindset to win, They dont care about what they saw in other variations. They play their perfect prep smh.

  26. Cunt you didn’t even cover the standard white castle…

  27. 9:02 white just has to push the same pawn and the bishop is saved. Unable to understand how we will end up capturing the bishop ..Black has an advantage but a little!

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