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  1. Black bishop to e7, white will capture it by the pone , queen to e7 threat is gone 😎

  2. どういうこと?チェックメイトにならないから分からん

  3. Чёрный слон забирает слона, а конь ставит вилку на короля 👑 и ферзя g7😊

  4. First time i can see it. Bishop takes, then white night pin the queen and king. Bye bye queen!

  5. Move black queen to g6 then g8 only possible way!

  6. Envez de mover el alfil mueve el caballo y hace jaque mate

  7. I dont see the great move here. Only a moron would capture the bishop with their bishop and lose their queen. Just a bunch of traded pieces.

  8. – Black take bishop -> lose queen to white knight
    – If Black queen retreat to g6, white play queen to h4
    – If black take bishop -> checkmate by queen
    – If black queen to g8 -> checkmate by white knight to d6
    – If black queen goes h7, white take bishop and nothing can stop the white queen from checkmate protected by bishop or knight
    – If knight to f6 block queen support, knight is taken by bishop threatening free rook, and if white queen takes, free queen
    – Other available place or white queen is traded for less value piece
    – If black moves other ways, knight to d6 force queen to take the knight and traded by bishop

    Edit: I do not consider the moves, but queen cannot save herself maybe other pieces can get black away from this?

    Is this correct? I think for black is lose a queen or lose a game

  9. A vantagem nessa posição é de uns 6 – 7 pontos pras brancas..não é obrigado a capturar o bispo..nem entregar a dama..mas depois de algumas movimentos.a posição só piora.

  10. Black bishop takes white horse too g7 check and take queen

  11. Best thing for black is to let the white Bishop capture it's Bishop next move then capture back with the King to avoid any sort of fork from the Knight!

  12. DAYUM BISHOP TAKES bishop knight g7 ROYAL FORK

  13. I can just take with my king .. then thare will be no royel fork..

  14. If Bxe7, then Ng7+ and the whites take the queen. The blacks can avoid this without capturing the bishop. however, the blacks can't do anything else, the position is critical.

  15. What if black doesn't take the bishop?

  16. This is the first puzzle that I cannot make sense of. I don't see the forced advantage for white….which is the purpose of these things.

  17. white is losing material here i dont see the brillant move Qg6 blocks the idea

  18. Bishop ×e7, knight g7+, the King move to f8 or d8 and the knight takes the Queen, knight xe6. ☠️☠️☠️

  19. But why didnt black take the bishop on his previous move 🤔

  20. Black was in trouble when he missed the hanging bishop

  21. It’s dumb the queen no the bishop yeah then kill horse be it wil kill bishop

  22. Queen=I will take care of knight 😂

  23. well is it necessary to take the white Bishop
    no right -_-

  24. But what if black doesn't take Bishop to Bishop black can play H7 roOk

  25. 👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

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