Brilliant Opening Preparation! 🔥♟👍

Excellent opening! Inspired by GM Vidit’s preparation for the third round of the Candidate’s Tournament. 🔥♟👍 #MCCP #chess #chessopenings #chesstricks #chesstrap


  1. The reach for the drink……………..
    signals the beginning of the end.

  2. Konten pembodohan 😮😮😮😮

  3. Vídeo fraudulento. Joga como se fosse partida real. Mas é uma análise em cima do que ocorreu na partida do Prag nos Candidatos, segunda rodada.

  4. Bro thinks he's better than Vidit 😂

  5. Jagn kasi minum air jika minum dia pasti menang

  6. Bro thinks hes better than everyone just by drinking

  7. Why he always play with players with poor opening knowledge… I mean even 1200s don't fall for that

  8. തായോളിക്ക് വെള്ളം കൂടിയേ ഉള്ളോ

  9. 😂😂😂😂 brilliant to beginner

  10. He is a true genius in openings… To beat him you have to attack him and not allow him to drink lemonade. 😅

  11. यह ओपनिंग GM विदित गुजराती Vs GM प्रज्ञानंद रमेशबाबू के गेम की याद दिलाती है |

  12. Zaten Qxg2 hamlesinin yerine fil e7 hamlesini oynasa kolaylikla direnebilir siyah oyuncular bu varyantta😁😁😁

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