BRILLIANT ROOK SACRIFICE 💎🔥 #chess #shorts #keşfet #beniöneçıkart #brilliantmove #checkmate


  1. Guys i played this one 😄🔥 subscribe to see more 💎Edit: There was knight on e7

  2. You dont have to sac your rook for that

  3. You don't have to sacrifice your rook

  4. Im noob but it looks like you had a free queen but blundered b6

  5. зачем ладью то жертвовать?

  6. Bro the pawn takes knight but you together queen

  7. mmmmm no, is not brilliant

  8. Black loses queen regardless!!!!!!!! After knight is taken white queen takes black queen!!!! If king moves knight takes queen as well!!!!! BRILLIANT!

  9. Take knight and lose queen. Black should still win this game with those pieces

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