Building Chess Opening Repertoire – Step 1 – Getting reference database

This is a tutorial for building a chess database with all your openings. The process is also described in my book How to Study Chess Openings – . The first step is to obtain a comprehensive reference database that covers all openings in sufficient detail. I recommend the version that comes with pgn-extract and show how to tweak it to show up properly in ChessBase.


  1. I don't see the line moves in my data preview. Why?

  2. If I see it right you have to do teh replacement of "Opening" and "Variation" case-sensitiv. For not-English speakers: don't be a wise guy and replace "Opening" with "Weiß" or similarly because that doesn't work out as intended in Chessbase.

  3. None of the links work for the eco.pgn file.

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